Wednesday, June 13, 2012

People Espanol Does Gigant3s! July Issue

First it was Venue Magazine with that spectacular photo spread and article with Chayanne, Marc Anthony, and Marco Antonio Solis, and now People Espanol! I went to my mailbox the other day and there was my People Espnaol, the July issue. I started flipping through the pages and there was Chayanne's name and the word Gigantes! Page 43 it said, so I flipped as fast as I could (of course).

There is a short and sweet article, but what I really loved was the picture that they had of the three Uber Hotties!

How cute is that! Chayanne still looks stunning! Sidebar - Now Marc and Marco, please don't get jealous, you two look quite delicious yourselves, but you know we love us some Chayanne in these here parts *wink*

With that said, if you subscribe to People Espanol, the July Issue should be in on it's way if you haven't gotten it already. If you don't subscribe, check your local newsstands and book stores.

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