Friday, May 18, 2012

Chayanne Getting Ready For Gigant3s....Asking For Fan Suggestions On Twitter

Chayanne looking quite fine! Working on his set list for Gigant3s

Chayanne was out in all his Twitter glory today asking fans for suggestions for his set list for his upcoming tour "Gignat3s" with Marc Anthony, and Marco Antonio Solis.

He didn't have to ask twice before the suggestions started rolling in. What did I suggest you may ask? Well, maybe you didn't ask, but I'm going to tell you any way. I suggested "Swing". I love this song as I do all of Chayanne's songs, but it would be pure unadulterated pleasure to see what choreography Nancy O'Meara would come up with for "Swing's" funky little break down.....that's just dirty! Dirty as in "sweet", "hot", "the shizz".

Prior to Chayanne's MEGA "No Hay Imposibles" tour, he asked fans for suggestions for the tour's play list. my suggestion then was "Guajira"....Which ANY body who knows me, knows that's my theme song! And sure enough it was one of the songs in the show!

Can lighting strike twice? Will "Swing" be in the set list for Gigant3s? Who knows, but a lady can dream.


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