Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Best IS Yet To Come! Chayanne Talks Tony Bennett on Despierta America (English Translation)

Chayanne was interviewed about his experience recording a duet with Tony Bennett this morning on Despierta America, on Univision.

When fans first heard the news about the recording, the questions that was on everyone's lips was, "What song did they record?". Well now we know! The song that Chayanne and Tony recorded together is "The Best Is Yet To Come", which was first recorded in 1962 on Tony's album "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". Tony then went on to record it as a duet with Diana Krall in 2000 (Duets: An American Classic).

As for me.....I can't wait to hear this beautiful pairing in surround sound, when this album drops! But in the mean time. Please enjoy this translation of today's interview. This translation was done by none other that my very dear Sister Girl, Rosalita! (That't the way Guajira's Roll!) Much Love!


It’s not every day that you have a meeting between two great artists, Tony Bennett and Chayanne. They have brought together their voices and talents for an upcoming record, “Duets”. Tony Bennett is winner of 16 American Grammys. 

Maria: It looks like a dream turned reality that I find you here taping with Tony Bennett. How did that collaboration come about? 

Chay: It began with a conversation with reps from Sony Music. They said there were talks about doing a duet with Mr. Tony Bennett. I said it would be my pleasure given his grand musical career! Tony Bennett is an 85-year old man who has dedicated all his life to music and I loved the project and that’s how it came together. It was very spontaneous! 

Maria: Without even thinking twice?

Chay: Yes, without thinking twice. Although his music is a different rhythm and style, but as a concept, it was very beautiful. It’s a tribute to him. 

 Maria: How was that first encounter with Tony? Did you guys know each other? Did you shake hands? Did you hug? Because he’s not your everyday guy. 

Chay: When I got there, it was first a gesture of a “hug” as I approached him. Because you see the calm surroundings. And as I got closer, it was nice to hug him and show my appreciation and thank for including me in this project. And at the same time telling him thanks for inviting me to be part of this project. 

Maria: And the song that he chose to sing with you was “And the Best is Yet to Come”. The title fits you like a ring to a finger. 

Chay: Yes, the best is yet to come. As I was saying earlier, be it with a partner or seen as a lifestyle, it’s always thinking about the best is yet to come. 

Maria: And I had the opportunity and privilege to watch your taping with Tony Bennett. What went through your mind [Chay laughs]. I looked over at you and at times you would semi-dance and then you would smile. What went through your mind as you were face to face with Tony Bennett? 

Chay: It’s just that he has a lot of rhythm in his voice. But when you see him, you’re seeing his entire career, you’re seeing a person from the music industry, you’re seeing a living legend, you’re seeing someone who is passionate about his career. So, at one point, you can identify with that and you maintain that respect. 

Maria: Were you nervous? 

Chay: You get nervous because you want him to like what you are doing. 

Maria: Is there something that Mr. Tony Bennett said to you after you finished taping? 

Chay: The best is yet to come! 

Maria: The best is yet to come! Chayanne! Congratulations! 

Chay: Thank you! Thank you very much to “Despierta America” to all the staff at “Despierta America” you know that I love you very much and all those watching this on TV. This project with Tony Bennett, this tribute that he is making with all these Latin artists, is very beautiful. It is lovely and I hope you can enjoy it and do that “swing” with us! Take care! 

Maria: … and that the best … 

Chay: … is yet to come!

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