Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today It's A Solas Con Chayanne All Over The World!

UPS, FEDEX, or DOWNLOAD......How are you getting your time alone with Chayanne?

Today is the day! "A Solas Con Chayanne" has dropped and you can feel the vibrations all over the world!
Here's a tweet from Chayanne fan BailarinaJP, 


"A Solas Con Chayanne" has arrived in Japan! I get it!! and,I have seen them already. I was very impressed!!
We knew that "A Solas Con Chayanne" was being released on Amazon, but at 12 am, when it officially became February 7, it also became available on iTunes for download. Long time Chayanne fan and a very dear friend of mine, Chay_Rosa, was the first to post up a review on iTunes.
If you haven't pre-ordered your copy of "A Solas Con Chayanne", you can now order it from Amazon.com and have it shipped to you over night. You can also download both the CD and the Concert Film from iTunes right now!

Please enjoy the pictures below! Lady of the box Fantasia Chayanne is quick with a pic and we thank her for that!
So whether you're waiting on the mail, or for a download, you know you're going to get it, and Chayanne never fails to please.

What a nice backside.....to the CD cover *WINK*

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