Friday, February 3, 2012

Will Chayanne Ever Cease To Amaze Me....I Don't Think So

Chayanne's Surprise to St. Jude Cancer Survivor 

One of the running themes in Chayanne's life is how much of a humanitarian he is. We have read more articles than we can count, some of them posted right here on Pandora's Caja. But what amazes me about Chayanne is how at the drop of a hat, this man will change his schedule, putting everything on hold so that he can have the opportunity to speak words of love and encouragement to St. Jude cancer survivor and long time Chayanne fan Emilio.

I'm sure Chayanne was thrilled to be able to give Emilio an autographed copy of his soon to be released "A solas Con Chayanne", but I'm even more certain that his heart was overflowing with joy to be able to speak with Emilio personally......and this ladies and gentlemen is what makes Chayanne, Chayanne.

So please sit back and enjoy this wonderful interview, the translation has been lovingly provided by o very own Candela! (Much Love Girl!) and the media research credits go to again, our very own Fantasia! (Love you Mija!)


In Memphis Tennesse, there is a wonderful and spectacular hospital, St. Jude's, which looks for the cure of the most terrible disease in the world, cancer. And when cancer strikes children there is no bigger pain than that.

But this story is a happy one, one about light and about life. During my trip I had the pleasure of meeting a boy who taught me that life always exists and that we must always look forward. His name is Emilio, he is from the Dominican Republic, and today he is a cancer survivor. Today we have new hope for life and with your applause I want to welcome him to Despierta America.

Emilio: Thank you, how are you?

Poncho: I am great Emilio, how are you?

Emilio: I feel so much happier than you!

Poncho: I know, I know! You are a new hope for life and we met each other a few weeks ago in Memphis, Tennessee. And at that time I promised Emilio that he would be coming to Despierta America. His dream is to be a singer, he is a song writer and he loves music. You are an artist and I promised you that I would bring you to this show and I kept my promise.

Emilio: Yes, you kept your promise.

Poncho: Are you happy?

Emilio: Very happy!

Poncho: Tell me, how does it feel to be alive?

Emilio: It is what you don't feel when you are dead...being alive feels very natural. When you are alive you feel very happy, you want to live and conquer things so bad.

Poncho: What did St. Jude Hospital do for you? If you could describe St. Jude to the people watching at home, what would you tell them?

Emilio: First of all I would like to say hello to all my people from the Dominican Republic and that I love them very much. I want to tell you that St. Jude's Hospital gave me a huge lesson, a lesson of life. And I did not think I would keep living.

Poncho: You had a very aggressive cancer in your brain, but that story is now in the past and today that cancer has shrunk to 50% and you are alive and with us here and I want to give you a special message from St. Jude's Hospital, today and tomorrow they are going to have a radiothon, you and I can participate and become an angel of hope and help so many children that need us. THe phone numbers are now appearing on your tv screen. We can all contribute and put a little grain and make our hearts happy. And today we are going to make Emilio very happy. I told you earlier that Emilio loves music, he writes songs and there are many artists that you love. But there is one in particular that you love, Chayanne....right?

Emilio: Yes

Poncho: Why do you like Chayanne?

Emilio: Because he sings romantic music, ballads, just like me.

Poncho: I have a surprise for you. Next week Chayanne will be releasing a new CD and a DVD from his concert. He asked me a very special favor for you. He gave me the very first CD, which is not yet for sale and it is called "Alone with Chayanne", and he dedicated it for you and it says "Emilio, my friend, a huge hug, Chayanne". This is for you!

Emilio: Wow!

Poncho: What do you think?

Emilio: Thank you, it is so incredible..genius!

Poncho: What would you say to Chayanne if he was here?

Emilio: I would say from the bottom of my heart that I have always wanted to meet him, I love your songs, I love the way you sing. The way you get inspired when you sing your songs, wow, that impresses me so much!

Poncho: Chayanne, what do you have to say to him?

Chayanne: Poncho, I tell him that I send him a huge hug, I am watching you now and I send you a hug and I congratulate you have a huge heart. Human beings go through so much and we learn life lessons, and today you are giving us a lesson with your strength and your yearning to go move forward. To you, your family, your country...we love you, we respect you. And the same way that this dream of being in Despierta America came true, I am sure that all of your future dreams, so many of them, are going to come true because we all believe in you. Congratulations!

Poncho: Emilio, let me tell you that Chayanne pushed back his flight today, when he heard your story he pushed back all of his previous engagements so that he could be with us today, via telephone, because as we know he has a very busy schedule. And that we thank you for Chayanne. Like I said before, Emilio is an artist and you are a huge inspiration to him. And maybe today you can sing a duet with him, one of your songs. Which one is your favorite Chayanne Song Emilio?

Emilio: Yo Te Amo (I love you)

Poncho: Can you sing it together?

Chayanne: I just woke up, I am running and I am sure he can sing it as well as me.

Emilio: Well, this song, I think is one of your favorite ones, even though I am sure that all of your songs are your favorite...and it goes like this:

Emilio begins to sing Yo Te Amo and Chayanne follows. Together they sing the chorus. (everyone claps)

Poncho: Chayanne, how does it feel to have this amazing fan? Chayanne...Chayanne. I think we lost communication with him. But I thank you so much for bringing Emilio so much happiness today and all of you can do the same. For more information please call 1-800-998-8432 or visit Emilio thank you for being here and "Live your life"

Emilio: Yay, Live Life!

Poncho: Let's go to a commercial and we will be back, but let's keep singing you and I, sing me the one you wrote for St. Jude!

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