Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chayanne Off-Tour Season Survival Kit

If you are anything like me dear readers, I know you too are both celebrating yet saddened by the end of Chayanne’s highly successful NHI tour.  That means no more pictures, no more clips of the live show, no more news paper articles describing the euphoria of being a witness to his magnificent show...  But alas, this also means that soon we will have new material to dance and sing along to… maybe a new series to watch?  With someone as talented as Chayanne, you never know what you will see next; you only know it will be AMAZING for sure.

So… What are we to do?  Sit around twiddling our thumbs until something new comes up (which is kind of like watching a pot of water boil)?  Keep a watchful eye on Chayanne’s posts on Twitter?  There are many things you can do, but here is Pandora’s Caja four main Recipes to survive this Off-Tour Season.

Recipe #1:  Start Your Own Complete Chayanne Collection

Just because we have new amazing material doesn’t mean the old should be forgotten.  Listen to Chayanne’s discography from the start… And I mean the start.  As in baby Chay singing “Mama Mia” with Los Chicos.  There is nothing better than to relax with music.  I personally turn on Chayanne’s discography on those days at work when I simply cannot take it any more (which lately has been pretty frequently).  And no matter how busy or upset I am regarding something at work, when “Fiesta in America” starts to play on my iPod.  I stop. I smile. And try very hard to not get up and dance. J

After the Cautivo/Mi Tiempo Tour finished, I spent most of my time scouring the internet for treasures missing from my collection.  You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll find.  I am pretty sure that I am the proud owner of a COMPLETE Chayanne Discography.  Through my search I discovered Japan’s release of Atado a Tu Amor (which I bought, and being a Japan lover, I am stoked that I have one of the best album with all the writing in Japanese and even a “How To dance Salsa” pamphlet, that came with the purchase of the album).  I also have the Album that was released in Australia.  Versions of Albums from Brazil and Argentina… the original LPs of Los Chicos and the first 2 albums (before CDs existed).  All in all, I just want you to experience the same thrill I felt at finding these treasures and proudly owning them now!  Start your researching!  Ebay and Amazon were very helpful for me but I bought many things from private collection websites you can find through any search engine.

*In your search for valuables, I hope you keep true to your morals and say NO! to piracy.  Chayanne would not want you to have his complete collection that way.  J

Recipe #2:  Watch Him NOW.

And no… I don’t mean in the stalker way.  Please don’t do that! HAHA!  On a lazy Saturday or Sunday night treat yourself to some Chayanne.  Get comfty in your couch and watch any of these:

·        Volver a Empezar - If you miss almost-naked-a-lot-of-the-time, long curly haired, running through the beach like a Puerto Rican God  Chayanne

·        Linda Sara - If you want to swoon imagining what a wooing “Chayanne in love with you unconditionally” would be like.  Besides, has there ever been another man that wears these hats better than him?!?! 

·        Dance with Me - Because we all love to see Chayanne dancing, fixing things, smiling, with children, wearing nothing but a towel, wooing, breathing, SERIOUSLY WEARING NOTHING BUT A TOWEL.

·        Provocame - This telenovela from Argentina is responsible for making me think the name Pedro is maybe not that bad after all LOL! And most importantly, it is responsible for the hottest barn seen I have ever seen.  Don’t know what I am talking about?  Well, start watching!  Our dear ChayanneRocks has been graciously treating us to episodes through ProvocameTV.

·        Grandes Exitos - Because there is nothing better to do on a Saturday night than to lay on your couch watching Chayanne’s videos to some of his best songs.

·        Chayanne Vivo - At the end of the day, we want to relive every moment and emotion from his shows.  Vivo does a great job of it.  There is not one time I’ve sit to watch, where the same emotion I left being at the show live does not overcome me and makes me shiver in happiness while watching the DVD from the comfort of my living room.

·        Gabriel – Do I really need a reason for this one? Mmmm let’s see.  I’ll just say.  Bathroom.  Shower.  Extra Scenes.  ‘Nough said!  The only scene that tops WEARING NOTHING BUT A TOWEL and THE BARN scenes is this show.  Also, Chayanne sports the hottest facial hair I have ever seen on a man in my 27 years of life throughout this entire series… So what are you waiting for?  If you have not watched it, you must!

Recipe #3:  Do Some Good in The World

This recipe has absolutely nothing to do with Chayanne.  Being the amazing person that he is, he has always encouraged those around him and his fans to participate in charitable organizations and events to help those in greater need than ourselves.  Take his example and see if you can participate in any For the Cure walks (Cancer, Diabetes, AIDS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s all come to mind).  Clean out your closets and donate your gently worn clothes and shoes to those in need.  The winter is almost here.  I am sure there are many who will benefit greatly from your gently used outer wear.  Why not spend a few hours a week at a local shelter giving cats and dogs the much needed love they need?  It will feel great and you will be an even more amazing person for it.

Recipe #4:  Stay Connected!

Chayanne fans are among the tightest group of women I have ever witnessed.  I have seen great friendships come from participating in chats, posting on the forum (like Pandora’s and mine, xoxox!), Twitter and Facebook groups.  Don’t let your participation drop with this off-tour season!  Besides, who else will understand the withdrawal process that you are about to go through?  Definitely NOT your husbands and/or boyfriends.  I guarantee you that.  DO NOT look to them for sympathy (LOL).  Instead rely on the great friends you’ve met through your computer screens.  And please, rely on us here at Pandora’s Caja to bring you the most up-to-date news on our beloved.

Good Luck!  Please let us know if our recipes help you too!


  1. .......Girl!!! SMOKIN' I'm so loving this article!!! You hit it out of the park. I have to get this kit myself!

  2. Bravo!! Excelente! I will be taking this advice... (I'm even taking my laptop to the hospital with me when I have this baby... maybe I'll get to watch a few episodes of ProvocameTV while I'm there! :) Hooray for free wifi! lol)


  4. Great advice! Thanks! I've been watching live videos today from the 2007 tour... I'll never get enough of this man :)

  5. Thank you my friends! And know that I too miss you dearly :) But sometimes life just gets in the way. sigh!

    We will never get enough of him. No long-term satisfaction! We need more! MORE!!! HAHA

  6. Thank you for great recipes!!! I will try all 4.