Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Way We Were - Chayanne Edition

My dear readers, I have sincerely missed you all. 

To get the first question out of the way.... Where in the world has Bariloche been?  Well, Bariloche has been busy.  Overly busy.  Dangerously busy to the point that very little personal time has been allowed.  But I guess that's the price I have to pay to get where I want I life.  I have to work and work very hard.  Hopefully some day soon I will begin to see the fruits of my hard work.  And for my absence I must apologize to you all.  I have  missed the end of Chayanne's tour, his birthday celebrations, any news articles that have come about.  I have missed a lot.  But more than missing you all, I gotta tell ya, I have missed keeping in touch with Chay-news a lot more! LOL!

Today is one of my relaxation days.  I have decided to stay in bed and watch movies.  Of course a movie playlist would not be complete without my favorite movie of all time:  The Way We Were.  I know it's an old movie, but let me tell ya.  I absolutely and completely L-O-V-E IT!  For those of you who do not know the movie, it stars the amazingly wonderful and talented Barbara Streisand and the blonde hunk of my dreams himself... Robert Redford.  This "love" story is the most realistic I have ever seen in any movie.  It has no pretention, it's not all happiness, there's no fairytale happy ending.  It is what it is. 

So while watching the movie a bright idea hit me.  If I were a screen writer, I would most definitely adapt this movie for the Latin market.  Without a doubt!  And I already know who my main man is... Chayanne.  I think the role of Hubble Gardiner would be amazing for him!  It would be quite challenging, like nothing he has ever played before.  Just try to imagine it.  Chayanne in a sailor suit.  A man of principles trying to survive in a terribly political time in his country.  An amazing writer who is irreversibly and profoundly in love with a woman who simply isn't compatible with his view of life.  And how he will handle this situation, when the woman he loves stops fighting to be what she is not.  When he stops fighting to make it work himself.  When reality hits.  When everyone knows where the road leads but neither wants to take the first step?  Sighhhhhhhhhh.  God I love this movie.  Excuse me as I wipe the tears from my eyes...

Since I've already appointed myself as casting director, I think I would like to see Penelope Cruz as the Katie to Chayanne's Hubble.  She has the fiery spirit when acting that Barbara has throughout this film. 

Maybe I should start writing the screenplay right now... (-:

I hope you all have a blessed 4th of July!

"Memories... may be beautiful and yet.  What's too painful to remember.  We simply choose to forget.  So it's the laughter... we will remember... Whenever we remember.... The Way We Were...."


  1. Lovely post Bariloche, we miss you when you are gone.

    I love the movie too, you have prompted me to watch it again this evening.

    Don't work too hard, and come talk to us when you can.

  2. Any movie with Chayanne is a good idea, but he is definitely up there with Redford in the looks department. I don't think I've ever heard Robert Redford sing.

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  4. Thanks Kita! You are too sweet :)

    Reg. he is definitely comparable lol. Robert R doesn't sing. At least not that I've ever heard lol.