Sunday, July 31, 2011

Part IV and V, Chayanne Interview with Mexico Suena (English Translation)

With much love in my heart I need to thank a very special Sister/Friend for working on these translations. Like me, she does it for love and friendship, and we are the benefactors of her efforts. Sending you much love and light my sister. Truly nothing is impossible.

Con mucho amor en mi coraz√≥n tengo que agradecer a una hermanamuy especial / amigo para trabajar en estas traducciones. Como yo,que lo hace por amor y amistad, y nosotros somos los benefactoresde sus esfuerzos. Te mando mucho amor y luz a mi hermana. En verdad no hay nada imposible.

~ Paz

Nancy Speaks : …………………..

Cucuy : He as an artist has been able to express what he really feels as a human being in the aspect of friendship , love, family and friends.

Chayanne: NO I believe there is no impossible, I say that, everything you want to do it can be done, you can fight, obviously if I wanted to levitate right now I wont be able to do it, but I could use some cables , do other little things , talk to the technicians (he laughs), but you can reach anything you fight for, I believe in positivism I believe in being positive and you have to always try, and when it doesn’t come out right try again. Through out my career I had to face a lot of things for example sickness, that being my parents, and other family members these are difficult situations that as a humans being break you down, you then analyze and find a balance and say lets look for alternatives and we look forward and we do not allowed ourselves to give up. Professional wise there has been highs and lows, there are moments that you extremely enjoy, then there moments that the career is at a stall or like people that have been working in the management department are no longer with you, so you then have to find a team that you can trust and that can understand you, ummm and yes I have had a lot of difficult situations. Tour wise some projects you work on (cds) are more successful than others but you still continue to fight, I see this as a soccer game , to put it as an example is the career, (pause) the career is like a game of soccer you are playing the game but that doesn’t specifically mean you are always scoring a goal , but when you score a goal you celebrated and in the mean time you have fun through out the game and that’s how life is that’s how my career is. No I always uplift my self , and am extremely fortunate to have a group of people that are always there to support me when difficult things happen , there is not much you can do, but you can take them as learning experiences.

Chayanne: like I always say it Look I have a parallel life the son of Irma and Mr Quintino and the live of the artist that has been always been on stage, I try to live both lives the best I can. After I finish with any commitments and I know I have two days to record a song or a video I always try to do it where my family is at. Or if I know I have two days off in between shows instead of staying in that country where I am I get on the plane mmm even thought the show finished at 12 o’clock in the morning and three or four hours from Miami for example Mexico I leave and arrive at 5 in the morning but when they open there eyes I am there and that gives me lots of joy. Life goes by too fast and you analyze it in the case of many that are watching us , In your case music industry we have to be gone for a very long time , any time I have free time I try to be with them, it gives me joy , it gives me pleasure, is not easy firs of all I have done it with out thinking , hmmmm when you are ten, eleven years old you are not thinking all you want to do is see your family is part of you, is not easy to leave your family and when you have a profession that isolates you it can backfired on you, you have to have your priorities extremely (he pauses ) balanced in order to be happy, if you incline yourself to one side and is not that I analyze it in order to do what I do, because I love what I do, but if you incline yourself to one side you can be extremely happy but you will be find yourself needing other things and as of right now I feel good I feel happy, I am not always happy because is not normal that one is always happy , some moments more than others but many times I do try to find it.

Me enamore de ti…….

Chayanne: the way I want to be remembered is that I was a normal person that gave love in everything he did, that gave 100% in the things that I did. Never wanted to hurt anyone with the things I do, a fighter mmmm a person who always searched for happiness, and still searching,(laughs) to add I can add many things because is a lot of gratitude that I have to give, I can tell you thank you to the public , thank you to the people for allowing me to do something that has fulfilled me to the fullest, for letting me be in this profession that allows me to receive a lot of love, because what I receive is a lot of love is affection like I mentioned before smiles , looks with affection , looks with good intentions , is total gratitude and I wont say nothing else because the tape has finished ( smiles )


  1. Hi Pandora!

    Thanks so much for sharing this translation (and to your friend for doing the translating). Although listening to the magic voice is wonderful, it is even better when you understand what he's saying. My Spanish is limited...I would never have been able to understand the whole interview.
    Speaking of the magic voice...I had a hard, stressful day at work and needed to unwind on the commute home. So what did I do? Listened to my "favorite Chayanne ballads" playlist! By the time I got home I was relaxed and renewed. Better than having a glass of wine! Thanks again for everything you share on this blog.

  2. Hey Melissa! I'm in the same place as you. My Spanish is also limited so I totally understand. I feel so blessed to work with Bariloche, Candela, and to have wonderful friends that are willing to help with translations. I could listen to Chayanne talk all day, but it really is great to be able to read exactly what he's saying. This is actually a really beautiful interview.
    Thank you for all the love and support!
    Much Love~