Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chayanne's Mexico Suena Interview (English Translation)

Before we get started watching this part of the interview with translation, I want to take a minute to thank my sister/friend Angie Arcie for helping me find this video clip. This clip was originally posted by Karlix Kenth, who so graciously allowed me to use it *HUGS* Secondly I need to thank Angie for coming to my rescue by doing an amazing job translating this part of Chayanne's most recent interview.

So, as I like to say, sit back, relax and enjoy. This truly is a warm and charming interview. We get to see and hear even more of what makes Chayanne so very special.


Press: NHI but what is the most difficult thing you’ve had to face in all your years in this career?

Chay: In my years in this career I’ve faced a lot of things, difficult family situations, and illness in my parents. Sometimes in these situations as a human being you break down a little then you analyze it balance it and then you look for the alternative and try to go forward.  You try not to let yourself fall down, and professionally  there have been high and low moments. You truly enjoy the highs.  Then there are other moments when your career is at a plateau. Some people that have been with you like management for a long period of time that aren't with you any longer then you have to regroup and find people that you can trust and can understand you; and yes I've had a lot of situations, tours, you make a record that doesn't go as well as you expected and then you keep fighting. I think about it like a soccer game, you're  playing all the time just not always scoring goals.  But when you score you celebrate, and as you're playing the game you're having fun in the game and that's how life is and my career as well.

Press: When a project doesn't workout like you expected, how do you react? Do you get depressed? Do you cheer yourself on? Do you learn from it?

Chay:Yes I do cheer myself on. I'm also very lucky to be surrounded by a group of people that are there to support me when difficult things happen. What can you do but learn from them? You take them as learning experiences.

Press: A little philosophical now how would Chay today like to be remembered tomorrow?

Chay: I'd like them to remember me as a normal person that gave love in the things he did.
That gave 100% in everything he did. I've never wanted to hurt anyone with the things I do; as a fighter, a person that always looked for happiness, that is still looking for happiness "laugh".

Press: If today you had an opportunity to have a meeting with that 10 year old Chay at the start of his career what advice if any would u give him if any or what would you do?

Chay : The 10 yr old Chay and today's Chay are very close. We live so fast and we have so many activities. I'm always going from one tour to another,  to a CD. I have so many activities that a 10 year time span is a short time that you're giving me because at 10 I was already on a big successful tour thank God. I had the support of the public like now, and its been a beautiful life at least that's how I see it. That's what its been like for me.  If  you tell me 20 years,  well then  I would say never stop trying like u did in the beginning. Don't lose the happiness, the dream when you're doing things for the first time. Everything I do I see it as if it were the first time. I enjoy it as if it were the first time. I give it my all because I feel a commitment to it, then that's where the time you have in a career comes into play.

Press:What profession at 10 years old would you have never chosen because you feel its just not you or you dislike it?

Chay: I don't know because I respect all professions that are done with dignity. As long as you're happy, as long as I'm happy. I  could be on any base playing because its a way to live. I could make you a chair or those shoes. I could make you a camera, not that I could build it but if you try.  That's why I say all professions, cameraman I don't know because its very difficult (laughing)

Press: I could tell you I could never be an M.D. because I see blood and I cry. I respect that profession.

Chay: AHAH! Well I played a vampire once.  I have to take you out on those dark streets! JAJA! No blood.  The occasions Ive had to see blood have been beautiful because Ive seen life come of it, its been beautiful. (I'm going to assume right here that Chayanne is speaking to the birth of his children...can you feel that tug on your heart strings?)

Press: If you had the chance to change a reality in the world or in your country what would you choose?

Chay: I always lean towards the children like they say and it's not a cliche, they are the future of the world. Then when I see that they're on the streets, when there's hunger, illness all that breaks my heart and thats what I would like to change. That they have all their needs met. A good education so that they can understand how things move, nutrition that they're healthy, that they have that beautiful genuine smile that they give you spontaneously. A true smile that they never lose that.  That's what I would like to give them, thats what I would like to change so that they could all have that. (It's at this point where I turned into melted butter)

Press: You've answered it more or less but are you happy?

Chay: Yes I am happy. Some days are happier than others,  but always looking for happiness. Waking up in the morning and being able to breathe.  I'm grateful with what life has given me. What PAPA DIOS has given me I'm very grateful. (You had me at PAPA DIOS!)

Press: And to finish off returning to the stage you have a phrase ESSSSSSOOOOOO where did that come from? (Yes! Inquiring minds would like to mind would like to know)

Chay: ESSSSSSOOOO JAJA ESSSSSSSOOOOO ESSSSOOOOO came from.... ESSSSSOOOOOOO it's a spontaneous thing that u say and you repeat ESSSSSOOOOOO in Puerto Rico is used as a mannerism.  While recording a song I said it and in the promo for that CD.  It just took like Celia Cruz's "Thanks Azucar".  You identify urself with it ESSSSSSOOOOOO and the people identify you with it ESSSSSSSOOOOOO is all there is.

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  1. Thank you for translating. I missed much the first time I listened to it. He is such a sweet guy, you just want to give him big hugs.