Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Down To The Last Days..9 Shows Remain

The King!

I know you wish it could go on forever......but it's been over a year, and Chayanne has given 150% of himself for every single performance. He's given us more memories than we could have ever hoped for, and in that I include myself.
Through rain, sickness, and even power outages Chayanne brought so much excitements that his tour has continuously been on Billboards Hot Tour list. During the summer of 2010 Billboard Magazine even wrote an article that spoke to how many artists had to cancel their tours due to the state of the economy. People just weren't buying tickets. Such was not the case with Chayanne's "No Hay Imposibles" tour. This tour was hailed as one of the few to not must manage to keep going, but to thrive amidst an economy that had seen other mega stars cancel.

Chayanne has tweeted, and sent twit-vids during the entire course of the tour, giving us a back stage view that most times fans wouldn't be privy to. (Let's give mad thanks to Nancy O'Meara for keeping us hopped up on backstage twit-vids as well!)

Amidst all of the the concerts and traveling all across the U.S. and Latin America, not once, but twice! Chayanne has found the time as he always does to lend himself to all of the various humanitarian and educational causes that many people would over look. Most recently Chayanne participated in an amazing program for children ages 7 to 9 who are learning to speak Spanish. The program is called, "El dia E", and it is sponsored by the Cervantes Institute, which is located in New York.

El Día E, The Festival for all those who speak Spanish

cultural day

Over 450 million people speak Spanish. Spanish is now the world’s second largest language in terms of the number of native speakers, the second language of international communication and the third most used language on the Internet.Why not take one day a year for a worldwide celebration of the language that unites us?El Día E began as a project of the Cervantes Institute to celebrate its coming of age, to increase the visibility of the centers and, in turn, to disseminate Hispanic culture on the five continents. It has been held since 2009 on the Saturday nearest the summer solstice. During these two years, all of the Instituto Cervantes centers in the five continents -- from Sydney to Brasilia – have celebrated this day, extolling the greatness of our language and our culture. On Saturday, June 18, 2011, all of the Instituto Cervantes centers open their doors again for this celebration. This year, we want this cultural project to bring the vast wealth represented by those who speak our language to even more people. To this end, we are counting on the participation of major Spanish-speaking personalities, so that we can all take part in the pride not only in the speaking of our shared language, but also in knowing that we are represented by the most extraordinary figures in various fields of knowledge and the arts .We want to include in this festival all of those who speak Spanish, so that each year we have a day when we feel united by a common language and in the sharing of the vast richness of Hispanic culture. 
"Love is the meaning of life. It is energy, joy ... love is everything, " says Chayanne, Puerto Rican pop star that romantic love has made one of their banners: "Tal Vez es Amour", " "Amor Inmortal"or "A Tado a Tu Amor" are some of the songs that have clouded the hearts of millions of teenagers"
(And a WHOLE lot of women who are..shall we say beyond their teenage years!)

Please visit the El dia E website to hear your favorite word in Spanish! 

So what are you thinking about as the hottest tour of 2010-2011 approaches the end? I'll tell you what I'm thinking, "I gotta start saving for the next tour...and which two, or three shows do I want to got to!"

I'm off to listen to some more Spanish far my favorite words are, "Quiero más de Chayanne!"

01 June               Merida, Mexico                 Estadio Carlos Iturralde
02 June               Cancun, Mexico                 Estadio Andres Quintana Roo
07 June*             Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chipas     Autodroma Chipas
09 June*             Mexico, DF                       Auditorio Nacional
10 June*             Mexico, DF                       Auditorio National
12 June*             Tepic, Mexico                     Estadio de Football
14 June               Monterrey, Mexico            Auditorio Banamex
16 June               Leon, Mexico                     Polyforum
17 June               San Luis Potosi                  El Domo
*Additional dates added to the tour

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