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Nancy O'Meara "The Woman Behind Chayanne's Rhythm) Fan Q&A


The Woman Behind Chayanne’s 

Author:  Pandora Esperanza                                    

Author: Anniee Renes                                      
Editor:  Bariloche

What can I say?  I’m a fan just like you.  When I started Pandora’s Caja, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagine having the extreme pleasure of being able to bring to you in collaboration with "The First Lady" of Chayanne fandom, Anniee of Chayanne Rocks, the first exclusive fan interview of longtime friend and choreographer of Chayanne, Nancy O’Meara.

And yet, here we are.  You can ask any of the ladies that work with me; my motto is if there’s something you really want, the best you can do is go for it!  What’s the worst that can happen?  You lose nothing by trying.  As a Chayanne fan one of my goals has been to get an interview with one of the people that I have come to admire greatly, Nancy O’Meara.  So what did I do? I just asked *SMILE*.  Amazingly, Anniee had the same idea at the same time (great minds really do think much alike).  We both received a “Yes” from Nancy said and proceeded to collaborate on the project with one another.

With the first part of our exclusive interview, The Woman Behind The Rhythm a complete success, we decided to push the envelope just a little further.  Being fans, we acknowledge that being able to ask questions to the great Nancy is probably on everyone’s list of Chayanne Wishes.  Nancy once again agreed to participate in a second exclusive interview, but this time YOU were the interviewer. 

We received an overwhelming amount of questions for which we are ever grateful.  Hundreds of great questions!  Although Nancy could not answer all the questions received, we hope you find your voice in the questions answered.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy.  


Love at First Step

How many of us have always dreamed of finding our soul mates?  How many times have we lost sleep thinking of someone who makes our hearts skip a beat?  It’s no mystery that as humans we all share one vulnerability; love.  And this love is not always for a person, oh no.  I hope you have been blessed with discovering love in all its forms.  Love for music, dance, art, Chayanne (hehe), studying, your profession, your job…

As with all love stories… the draw is always instant.

We would like to hear about how your career started?  When did you discover your vocation, what is it that you love about dance the most?  Where did you study, what is the hardest part?    (Fans Alma Ileana Villa Arredondo, Angelica Lacarra, Kelly Setzer and Maria Tejeda)

I started dancing at the age of 9.  I believe my mother said "I would like to sign my daughter up for lessons because she has trouble walking and chewing gum”; meaning I wasn't very coordinated in a fun way.  I loved it from the very beginning.  I was crowned Miss Dance of America in my teenage years... That was huge for me. It’s like a Miss America Pageant but your solo is worth 75% of your score along with interview, attitude and modeling.  It was then a judge said to me that I should dance and show off my talent before deciding to be a teacher at the studio I was trained in Brockton, MA: The Gold Studios. My dance teacher's name was Sherry Gold.  She’s in heaven now…

If you can (and besides Chayanne, which is a given!), who is the nicest person in the industry that you've worked with and what made this person a standout?  (Fan Tracey Thomas)

Jason Mraz… he’s such a kind soul.  Loves to laugh, work hard and treats everyone like a star. Reba McEntire would be another… so strong talented and honest... and she’s a redhead…

What do you prefer to do for a show?  To teach a dance step created by another but well done or to teach a simple step that is unique and original?  (Fan Dorita Pereira)

Simple:  Unique and original… would be my favorite.

The Dance Boss

Finding your passion is the first step towards guaranteed success.  Being completely in love with what you do gives you a drive that no one but yourself can limit.  For Nancy, her passion and dedication for dance has brought her to be the boss.  To be a friend, a mentor, to encourage others (dancers and artists alike) to be their very best and shake it like they mean it!  But being the boss is not always easy.  Overcoming challenges always make our talents shine brighter.

Can you tell us about how you go about picking dancers for Chayanne's crew? How do you announce that you are casting? Are the dancer's from the previous shows given an opportunity to audition first? What do you look for in auditions?  (Fans Jacqueline Constante Alama, Kelly Setzer, Kristýna Cechová, Marta Menendez and Tracey Thomas)

The dancers from previous shows are given the opportunity to come to the call back.  I contact all the agencies in Los Angeles and let them know the time and the place and then teach them some choreography. When it comes to the boys I look for my football team to be the players around Chayanne. The females… I need them to be on the taller side.  Sexy, feminine and they have to be able to hang with the boys as well.  I video tape the dancers that I keep until the end of the audition and send it to Chayanne.  Sometimes we meet in person to cast the dancers and sometimes we do it over the internet.

Do you get very close to your dancers? (Fans Alma Ileana Villa Arredondo, Angelica Lacarra, Kelly Setzer and Maria Tejeda)  

I’m close with some of the dancers to a certain degree.  I’ve learned that training a dancer and being a great friend isn’t always best. I’m drilling them all day long.  I’m the last person they want to relax with sometimes; although two of my closest girlfriends were in the Caprichosa video.  And I’m planning to go to Corey Anderson’s wedding in August. I love dancing because when I’m in the studio nothing else matters, except the music and me.  It’s the best feeling and the hardest to explain.  The hardest part for a dancer is the personal rejection you endure each day.  Too tall... too short... too fat... too skinny... not pretty enough... not the right type... That’s why it’s so important to continue with your training.  It builds confidence and self esteem. It feels good to work hard and the payoff is even better.

Life Outside The Dance Floor

WORK LIFE BALANCE.  Such an easy phrase to say… such a hard thing to accomplish!  Especially when being completely in love.  The Chinese philosophers definitely had it right.  Ying-Yang.  Everything must have a balance.  Love for work must also be balanced with love for life, love for family, love for traveling, and love for absolutely anything else that makes you smile. 

How are you at home with your family? (Fan Daniela Nelson)

My family lives in Boston.  I’m one of 6 children.  I’m very close with my family they are my support team.  If I need to hear the truth they always let me know.  We don’t talk about my career very much.  We spend time together and laugh a lot.

Would you leave everything for love (Lo Dejaria Todo)? (Fans Daniela Nelson, Jime)

I wouldn’t leave my career for love…  But the love of my life would understand that...

If you were not the world's coolest choreographer, what would you be? (Fans Ariel Enrique Malaspina (Rosana), Cinthia Cialona, Alma Ileana Villa Arredondo and Maria Tejeda)

Aww that was sweet… I would be a journalist for sure.  I would love to be on television delivering the news.  I would sign off saying the same thing I say to Chayanne before he goes on stage ….”Don’t forget to Dazzle”

The Chay Guy Experience

If asked, I am sure each and every single one of us would be able to explain our discovery of Chayanne.  That very instant in which sparks flew off our ears (and for some of us our eyes, and by some I mean ALL) and we began our musical love story.  A love that has taken us to record stores… to save every penny we could so we could purchase that brand new LP, cassette, or CD we would play over and over again… A love that may have at some point in your life fail to acknowledge limits, such as when you found yourself on a 5 hr trip by airplane for the simple pleasure of seeing your star perform right before your eyes (Ahem!).  Whatever it may be, it is our experience.  It is what will always remain with us.  For Nancy, her Chayanne experience has been more than rewarding.  It helped make her boss.  It has made her shine very brightly in our eyes.

How did you start working for Chayanne?   Do tell!  (Fans Alma Ileana Villa Arredondo and Angelica Lacarra, Kelly Setzer and Maria Tejeda)

I started working with Chayanne right before “Dance With Me” Came out.   He was a hard worker and Shy. That ‘s why I call him Chay Guy.  It’s what I’ve been calling him for years.  Unless we are in a professional meeting with others… If that’s the case I call him Chayanne.  Or if I really want my way and need him to listen hard… I call Ch Ch Ch Chaaaay Guuuy.

What was your first meeting with Chayanne like?  First impression? Can you tell us a fun antidote from one of his tours? How involved is Chayanne with the creative process? Can you tell us about your inspirations for some of Chayanne's biggest numbers such Caprichosa (and its evolution), Tu Boca, Torero?  (Fans Shirly Dana, Alma Ileana Villa Arredondo, Ana Karina, Eva Tomajda, Raquel Gavilan, Rosa Rodriguez Flores, Eloisa Miranda Perez, Cintia Di Lione and Cinthia Cialona, Maria Angeles, Little Soul, Andrea Gonzales)

My First meeting with him was nice. I didn’t really speak to him very much.  I was quiet and just did my job.  It wasn’t until our first night of the tour when the other girl I was dancing with sprained her ankle and couldn’t do the first show… Yikes!  That was stressful. I told him not to worry I would change my spacing and staging and make it work.  I think he gained respect for me then. Chayanne and I become one person when it’s time to create his show.  We spend hours and days creating concepts and ideas. The hardest thing is to choreograph to the same song many times.  I have no idea how many times I’ve choreographed to Salome.  That’s why the concepts were very important for NO HAY IMPOSIBLES.  This year was the first year Chayanne let me work with a stylist and really have a huge part in wardrobe.  Salome doesn’t look good in the studio; it was built for the stage and the costumes add the power. 

Wow ok... The concept of Caprichosa:  This year is my relationship with Chayanne.  Ha!  Sometimes we love each other and sometimes we want to strangle one another... In a healthy way.  But, when you spend so much time working together it’s hard to always agree and we both like being right... Or maybe I should say I enjoy having it my way... 

Torero I choreographed in a hotel.  It was a last minute video shoot.  I don’t think I slept a whole lot then.  Tu Boca is my favorite song on the album.  It’s a cool Chay groove.  I love the feminine side to it.  I call the section when Chayanne is sitting down and has the ladies around him the "Pimp Daddy" section.  It’s funny to hear Chayanne say "Ok let’s take it from the pimp daddy section".  I love to teach him phrases from American rap songs.  He makes me laugh so hard.  "Drop it like it’s hot" was a fun one.  I got him a t shirt that says that on it years ago.

How is it to teach Chayanne his choreography? Is he a quick learner? How does he react when he is gets tired or frustrated? How do you react when he gets tiring and frustrating? How have you accomplished tearing away his shyness so that he can perform with such sensuality on stage?  (Mariana Cotroneo, Angelica Lacarra, Jacqueline Constante Alama, Kristýna Cechová, and Maria Angeles)

It depends on the routine but he works so hard no matter what. When he’s frustrated or tired he tries to sit down. I try and hide the chairs now and then.  The funniest was when I was teaching him Besos en la Boca, it was one of the last tunes he had to learn, he was working with me all day and the band at night.  It was a hard schedule. I showed him the movement and he stared at me and said "No Nancy, I’m not going to do that".  I have to have tons of energy and dance all over place and when he sees how much fun I’m having he always laughs smiles and then says "Ok, teach me".

What is the best part about working with Chayanne? (Fan Caro Chay)

He’s fun... and he reminds me of how much I love what I do.

Have you ever had a fight with the yummy Chayanne? (Fan Silvana Lopez Gale)


Who choreographed Mira Ven Ven? Based on that choreography, do you think
Chayanne would disappoint his lover? (Fan Anonymous)

Travis Payne did a big part of it. Chayanne and I did the rest.  Mira Ven Ven and Salome were the first pieces of Choreography I got to do.  I don’t think Chayanne would disappoint his lover.  I believe when two people have chemistry MAGIC will always happen.

What is the most difficult and emotional moment that you have lived through your times with Chayanne? (Fan Eloisa Miranda Perez) 

Well, I was engaged to be married and realized I loved this person but I wasn’t ready to settle down.  I wanted to travel, see the world and continue to pursue a career... I was sad and confused and Chayanne helped me through the decision.

What Chayanne´s song do you prefer? (Fan Eva Tomajda)  

My favorite song from Chayanne is Lo Dejaria Todo and up tempo is Boom Boom.

Which one was, the more difficult choreography for Chayanne? (Fan Karina Runza)

Ha ha ha Lola was the most difficult for Chayanne to learn.  It’s very isolated and a little tricky but practice makes perfect.  He did want me to change it to make it easier and I pretended not to receive the text.  I won’t show him this question…  ja ja ja  I get away with murder sometimes.

You that know Chayanne so well, do you honestly believe that he truly knows everything he provokes within us? (Fan Cintia Di Lione)

He has an idea only when he hears the crowd react... He really is humble and will ask why the crowd was going crazy when he was just moving his hips... I usually tell him that his fans really like the pockets on the back side.

Have you ever considered having one of Chayanne's fans participate in one of his videos or on the stage with him? (Fans Sandra Perez Ayala and Karina Runa)

I have never thought about it but I think it’s a fun idea, thank you.

The hot/ sensual choreography we see on the shows are mostly Chayanne's ideas or yours?  What are the limits?  (Fan Little Soul)

I’m laughing out loud at this one… They are mostly my ideas and Chayanne always laughs and blushes when I explain what I want certain choreography to look like.  I like it sensual with a touch of class, just enough for the audience to scream.  It really depends on the song.  But, don’t get me wrong, he’s always happy when I add those elements…

Of all the questions the girls have sent you, do you think Chayanne would look at any and ask you to please not answer any question in particular? (If he does, please don't mind him and reply anyway)  (Fan Little Soul)

He has seen some of the questions and I will send this to him when I’m done.. Chayanne and I have known each other for about 14 yrs now.  We grew up together.  Although I tell him all the time I’m still the mature one)   He would trust me to answer any question.  He would never tell me not to do something.

Chayanne says that he will be dancing for as long as he can, even with a cane if he has to, where do you see yourself 20 years from now? (Fan Maria Tejeda)

I see myself teaching Chayanne how to dance with a cane... Maybe it will be a red cane... Or a candy cane...  I also see myself teaching someone everything I know about show business and how to teach an artist.

Thank You!...

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Nancy for agreeing to do her interview with us, and for answering your questions.  You are truly a gracious lady and I will be forever grateful. 

I also want to thank Anniee for being there with me and for me (You know what I’m talking about *wink*).  Working with you has been out of this world….this won’t be the last time.

My partner in crime, Bariloche, thank you for all of the hard work you’ve done with this interview. You have no idea how many translations have gone back and forth to get this baby finished.

To the ladies of Pandora’s Caja; Candela, Fantasia, and Glamour Girl… No one could ask for a better team of people to work with. You ladies hold it down!  I have nothing but love for my sisters.

Many thanks to all of the fans who sent in questions! They were all fabulous!! Chayanne Fans Rock!

But my most heartfelt and warmest thanks go to Chayanne… it’s because of you that all of this is possible… NO HAY IMPOSIBLES!


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