Friday, May 20, 2011

Chayanne Wins Three Premios Juventud 2011 Nominations

Of course he did! what would the Premios Juventud Awards be with out Chayanne's name listed among the nominees! Not as exciting as it should be, that's what.

- Best Moves! (Without a doubt!)
- The Super Tour-for the No Hay Imposibles Tour! (There was NO better tour!)
- Best Theme Novela-Me Enamore de Ti (We fell in love with this song instantly!) 

Miami, FL (May 16, 2011) - The family of Sony Music artists and their labels distributed, swept the nominations for the Premios Juventud 2011! This was announced at yesterday afternoon live from Miami on the Univision TV network.

Nominees: Aventura (Premium Latin), Camila, Chayanne, Daddy Yankee (El Cartel), Gerardo Ortiz, Marc Anthony, Pitbull (Mr. 305), Prince Royce (Top Stop), Ricky Martin and Shakira.

It should be noted that Shakira and Ricky Martin got seven nominations each, while Prince Royce (Top Stop) received eight. In addition, Sony Music tops the list of nominations with the most nominated artists.

The Premios Juventud Awards 2011 will take place on July 21 and will be broadcast live on Univision beginning at 7 pm (ET).

The most beautiful thing about the Premios that you, the fans voted and your votes count! I'm not biased...I'm just real. Chayanne has some of the greatest fans in the world. Now we just keep being the great fans that we are. Because another thing that I have learned is that no matter the outcome of an awards ceremony, Chayanne is always and will forever be the winner in our hearts.

So where are you going to be on July 21 at 7 pm est? That's right, the same place that I will be, watching Chayanne win the Premios Juventud!


The entire list of nominees are as follows:

Aventura (Premium Latin): 

- My Favorite Tropical Artist 


- Hear Him 
- Song Cortavenas (Stay away from me) 
- Cortavenas Song (Kiss) 
- My Favourite Pop Artist 

Daddy Yankee (El Cartel) 

- My Favorite Urban Artist 

Gerardo Ortiz 

- Hear Him 
- My Favorite Regional Mexican Artist 

Marc Anthony: 

- My Favorite Tropical Artist 

Pitbull (Mr. 305): 

- The Perfect Combination (for his duet with Jennifer Lopez in On the Floor) 
- The Perfect Combination (for her duet with Enrique Iglesias in I Like It) 
- Best Moves! 
- Catchiest (Bon Bon) 
- My Ringtone (Bon Bon) 
- My Favorite Urban Artist 

Prince Royce (Top Stop): 

- Hear Him 
- Catchiest (Heart without Cara) 
- My favorite video (no Face Heart) 
- Song Cortavenas (Heart without Cara) 
- My Ringtone (Heart without Cara) 
- The Super Tour (Stand By Me Tour 2011) 
- My Favorite Tropical Artist 
- Follow me, the Good 

Ricky Martin: 

- The Perfect Combination (for her duet with Natalia Jimenez Best of You Are My Life) 
- Catchiest (Best of My Life You duet with Natalia Jimenez) 
- My Favourite Video (Best of You Are My Life) 
- Best Moves! 
- I played all (for the album Music, Soul and Sex) 
- My Favourite Pop Artist 
- Follow me, the Good 


- Best Moves! 
- Catchiest (Mad as a duet with El Cata) 
- My Favourite Video (Mad) 
- My Ringtone (Mad) 
- I played all (for the record leaves the Sun) 
- The Super Tour (for Sale Sun World Tour) 
- My Favourite Pop Artist 

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