Friday, April 15, 2011

Michael Jordan Had Hanes.....Chayanne Has Under Armour!

I have to tell you when I saw this picture floating around I was speechless! One of Chayanne's amazing fans was able to catch a picture of the top of his...shall we say "unmentionables". So as is the nature of these things this pictures is in hot circulation.

It just makes me wonder...if Michael Jordan could make that much of an impact on the sales of Hanes underwear........can you imaging what Chayanne could do for Under Armour? 

To all our friends in Arequipa, have a great time at the show this weekend, April 16 at the Jardin de la Cerveza!


Since the original posting of this article, it was brought to my attention that Chayanne was not wearing Armani as I thought but a brand called "Under Armour". Under Armour is a line of performance clothing for athletes.

'What is so special about Under Armour? The answer here is simple; the material. The whole range is based around a fabric which absorbs sweat and keep the wearer comfortable. The fabric is a moisture wicking fabric. This is made from a synthetic combination which draws the moisture away from the skin so the athlete does not feel uncomfortable."

So I guess the only question left is....boxers, or briefs?



  1. I thought it was underarmor which is engineered to wick away sweat.

  2. I think someone is going to get a pair of these from me and shall never know why... LOL!

  3. Reg~Thank you for setting the record straight! *HUGS*!
    Bariloche~ They come in loads of colors!

  4. I can't wait to buy a bunch for my husband. I sent a message to the founder of Under Armor that he could see a spike in sales with Chayanne wearing his product.