Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peru Is Ready For Chayanne!

 Photo Still by ChayanneRocks!

Chayanne arrives today in Peru and everyone is going wild with excitement!

As expected by everyone under the sun who knows how magnificent Chayanne and his No Hay Imposibles Tour is, his next concerts in Peru on the 14th (Lima) and 16th (Arequipa) is almost sold out.  According to the promotion agency, the tickets for the zones labeled as Chayanne, Platinum and Tributary are completely sold out.  There are only very few tickets left in the VIP, Platinum and Preferred. 

And how can they not sell out when Chayanne has not had a concert in Peru in 7 years!  I cannot even begin to imagine how anxious his fans are feeling.  I get Chayanne-itis after one year of absence… Imagine 7! 

The buzz coming from Peru is enormous.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING about Chayanne is news.  Even what he has requested backstage; mineral water, tropical fruits and juices with honey (as if he needs to get any sweeter!). 

Also on the buzz radar is the actress Natalia Salas (pictured below) who has confessed she is one of his biggest fans.  She was introduced to Chayanne’s music by her mother and aunts. 


Natalia says “Chayanne is a very handsome man”  (I think we can all agree with that statement!).  Her boyfriend, Juan Francisco who has seen Chayanne in concert in Miami also thinks Chayanne a handsome man.  LOL!  It takes a real man with his pants put on very well to admit that! :-D

We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date as Hurricane Chayanne sweeps through Peru!


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