Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chayanne, Atlantic Cty, and a Litte Bit of Pixie Dust

August 8, Atlantic City, Boardwalk Arena; this is were the most magical night of my life took place. Chayanne in concert! Bringing the heat that only he can with his tour En Todo Estare. Ladies and gentlemen, this show is nothing short of SPECTACULAR!!

Chayanne commands your attention from the moment he walks off the stage until he graciously waves good-bye.

This was actually the third Chayanne concert that I've had the pleasure to attend. The first was in 2010, then GIGANT3S, and now 2015 En Todo Estare.

There are three larger than life screens, one on either side of the stage and one in the middle. During the performance there are video vignettes that play during selected songs. Each and everyone of these scenes is so well crafted, that they should be made into stand alone videos. My favorite was the video for the Chayanne classic Lola. It was sleek, modern, mysterious, and over the top sexy. Christian Grey Who?!

Chayanne pre-show time, This pic wasn't from the AC show, but heck he's shirtless! What's a girl to do!

If I have said it once, I've said it  a thousand times. Chayanne is timeless. Biologically, yes he is getting older; But his performance is as breathtaking as ever. As much as I was enjoying the concert I found myself thinking, " I hope they bring this to DVD!" I also hope that they explore the possibility of bringing En Todo Estare to Yahoo Live Nation. This is a venue for the entire planet to see what Chayanne can bring.

I'll be the first to tell you that I cannot speak Spanish, I've learned a few phrases over the years. When a person speaks Spanish slowly I can understand some things. I also know that music breaches all language barriers, and if En Todo Estaré was shown in a venue that already had a global viewership, new fans would crop up in droves.

 This year was the first concert where I was front row center. I was so close I could see where his sweat landed when it hit the stage. I didn't miss a beat. What do I enjoy most about Chayanne's concerts is that he makes you feel as if you are the only person in the room even though you're surrounded by thousands.

As for me, the story that I will be telling...one night with Chayanne in Atlantic City with the help of a little bit of Pixie dust, I flew.

Much Love,


Shout outs to my girl Carmen Rivera, much love to you Chica! It was a blast to finally get to hang out with you. Bariloche, what can I say Lady, it was so good to see you! Candela, Gurl!! Had great fun hanging out!! Lastly, fairies are real "I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!" *wink*



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  2. Always loved your articles on Chayanne. Thanks again for another great one!

  3. Love you my girl, it was an unforgettable night!!!! Till next concert muahhh!

  4. love you my girl, what an unforgettable night!!! Till next time :-)

  5. Mahalo so much for sharing !!! Aloha !!