Friday, September 19, 2014

En Todo Estaré: Chayanne Is A Serious "Swag Daddy"!

"This blog post is for all the Chayanne fans in Japan! Much love to Yhoko BailarinaJB and the ladies of Corazon-Nadeshiko/Chayfans Del Sol Naciente. - Pandora"

My people! My People! It has truly been a whirlwind of activity since Chayanne's latest album "En Todo Estaré" dropped! Interview after interview, photo shoots, and the fans are loving it!!

In the past I have written a pieces about Chayanne's albums within a day or two at the most after they drop, but this time I wanted to try something a little bit different. I wanted to really take my time to listen to the album and let it settle in.

One of the things that I enjoy the most about a fan of Chayanne's music is the evolution. If you go back through Chayanne's discography and listen to each album, you'll notice that none of them are the same. Chayanne continues to maintain what is best in his music choices and artistic interpretations, but he also continues to evolve, to reveal another layer, a deeper layer. As Chayanne has matured so has his music, this is how it should be. He sets the bar for everyone else in his genre. That's why, at least in my book he's a major "Swag Daddy".

"En Todo Estaré" has 11 tracks, the Deluxe version has 14 that include three bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are Tu Respiración (Your Breath)-The Acoustic Version,  Dímelo (Tell Me) - The Acoustic Version, and Humanos A Marte (Humans to Mars) - The Urban Remix featuring Yandel.

1. Madre Tierra (Oye)  - Mother Earth (Hey)
2. Humanos a Marte - Humans to Mars
3.Tu Respiración - Your Breath
4. Bailando Dos Corazones - Two Hearts Dancing
5. Mareaito Con Tu Amor - Dizzy WithYour Love
6.  En Todo Estaré - I'll Be In Everything
7. Quiero Bailar Contigo - I Want To Dance With You
8. Dímelo - Tell Me
9. De Todas - All
10 - Infinita Tu - You're Infinite
11. Tubuduru

Chayanne's latest album "En Todo Estare" had gone gold in Mexico.
There is truly something for everybody on the album. My stand outs  are Tu Respiración, Dimelo, and Tubuduru. I'm a sucker for a beautiful ballad what can I say, and Tubuduru to me is straight up HOUSE MUSIC which I love! I haven't been in a club in eons, but I image that if I was still going I could see myself asking the DJ to put that song in the que.

So far my favorite album promo was his "Google Hang Out" with fans! Several fans were selected to participate in a live chat with Chayanne via Skype. He was totally charming as always and the fans were so much fun to watch! I think we enjoyed watching them almost as much as they enjoyed talking with Chayanne.

I could go on and on, but alas, I think I've waxed "Chayannatic" enough.

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