Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Marc Anthony, Chayanne and Marco Antonio Solis Gigant3s Captivate Thousands At The Olympic

If success had been with Marc Anthony, Chayanne and Marco Antonio Solis in its multitudinous Gigant3s presentations by the U.S. and some Latin American countries, becoming one of the most profitable tours of 2012, it was no wonder that in its passage through the country would cause a sensation among Dominicans.

These three luminaries of Latin song, enjoying great support separately, joined for the first time Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium in front of nearly 40,000 people, under the production of enterprises BigBang Miami, chaired Charlie Ojeda, and Pina Record.Gigant3s is an exquisite spectacle, unlimited delivery where salsa, ballads and pop music idols multitudes three combines with an impressive set design, which integrates 3D images, lights and giant screens edge and a super band.

For nearly four hours, the sports stadium vibrated from beginning to end with the merger of the Puerto Rican and Mexican star before a delirious crowd and enjoyed every performance solo, duet and ensemble of Marc Anthony, Chayanne and Marco Anthonio Solis.The concert opened with the guest gave local young salsa David Kada, who showed his stuck in the country in just his half-hour performance, which gave songs like "Siempre en mi mente" (Always On My Mind), "Celos" (Jealousy) and your "Cartas" (Letters) to the applause of the audience.

Immediately, thanks to the agility provided production, Marco Antonio Solis was the first of the Gigant3s to come on stage accompanied by four dancers before the euphoria of the attendees raved with his best known hits: "Sigo esperando" (Still waiting), "Morenita ", "Mi eterno amor secreto" (My Eternal Secret Love), "A dónde vamos a parar" (Where are we going to stop) and "Mi primavera" (My Spring) and other songs from his solo repertoire and his career with the group "Los Bukis"."Good night Santo Domingo, for me it is an honor to be with you all tonight, let's forget everything and let's deal with what really matters to us, our feelings," said Solis before a captive audience.


The show took a different tone more energy when it was her turn to Puerto Rican idol Chayanne, who chose his infectious cut "Boom Boom" to bring the crowd to its feet ..
"Tonight you can do with us whatever you want to do because you're the boss. It wasn't easy to find the time, but here we are together tonight," said Chayanne with a genuine smile.


“Provócame”, “Dejaría todo”, “Un siglo sin ti” (accompanied by Buki), "Torero" and "Tu Boca" in every song the artist left to see the best of it to the thousands of attendees. Solo, accompanied by another Gigant3, or followed by brilliant dancers, each performance of Chayanne was captivating.

If the audience enjoyed the ballad and pop, with Marc Anthony salsa marked one of the most exciting of the night. At 11:45 pm and the black dress was seen to salsa rhythm "Valió la pena", which immediately made people delirious.


"Hasta ayer" (Until yesterday) "Como es el" (As is), "Tu amor hace bien" (Your love is good), "Volando entres tus brazos" (Flying into your arms) and "Te conozco bien" (I know you well). Marc created his charming repertoire before joining Chayanne and Amarco Antonio Solis on stage to deliver a shocking end in a historic concert. .

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