Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chayanne, Marc Anthony, and Marco Antonio Solis, GIGANT3S Setting It Off In FL!

If Miami and Orlando, Florida were women, they would still be swooning, fanning themselves, and trying in vain to wipe the drool off their chins.....yes, Chayanne, Marc Anthony, and Marco Antonio Solis, set it off! You know a concert is tight when it gets a write up in Billboard on it's opening weekend!

Here's an excerpt from the Billboard article:

Marc Anthony, Chayanne & Marco Antonio Solis Deliver Once-in-a-Lifetime Sets at Gigant3s Tour

by Leila Cobo, Miami  |   August 07, 2012 11:20 EDT

In a world of showy tours and staging one-up-manship, music often seems to take second place to just about everything else. Not so with Gigant3s, the joint tour by Latin stars Marc Anthony, Chayanne and Marco Antonio Solís that launched Aug. 2 with two sold-out dates at the American Airlines Arena.

Gigant3s features three of the top selling male acts in Latin music, all dominant in specific subgenres (Marc Anthony in tropical and pop, Chayanna in ballads and up-tempo pop and Solís in Mexican ballads and pop) and all arena headliners in their own right.

Which means sharing a bill could have been a complex diplomatic mission. Instead, what audiences saw was democracy at its best: A single stage and a single set-up with just the musicians -- bands and headliners -- changing places. It made for smooth sailing, with each change-over taking no more than three minutes (seriously) and with singular focus on the musical performance rather than the props.............The show ended with Chayanne, performing with a more pared-down band and a team of dancers who ran the gamut from Broadway to burlesque, with Chayanne part of every move. The Puerto Rican singer went deep into his catalogue, mining tracks like "Dejaría Todo" and re-purposing "Lola" in a 1950s rock 'n' roll version. Most satisfying, though, was the maturing of Chayanne's voice, which has come to its own in both expression and body.

So that's three shows down and twelve more to go! So who's next?

Fri Aug 10
IZOD Center - East Rutherford, NJ
Sat Aug 11
Mohegan Sun Arena - Uncasville, CT

I have to admit, that I'm extremely excited about this tour, three for one you can't beat that. And what makes it so wonderful is that Chayanne, Marc, and Marco, are genuinely enjoying working with one another.

I was talking with my mother about the concert, and of course this gave her the opportunity to talk about her favorite hotties from her youth, Jackie Wilson, James Brown, and her all time favorite Lou Rawls. She told me how back in the day singers would travel and perform together all the time, and people loved it!

I think people still love it and the success of Gigant3s is proof. I have no doubt that when August 17th comes I'm going to enjoy seeing Marc and Marco perform, this will be my first time seeing either one of them in concert.....but I'm waiting with much anticipation to feel my pulse race, and my heart skip a beat when my six foot something, tall drink of sexy hits the stage!

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