Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chayanne's One Step Recipie For "Goo"

Most of the time when we blog on Pandora's Caja we do our utmost best to bring you really cool, but relevant information. But, there are also times when we just want to gab! For me this is one of those times.

Last week there was this incredible picture of Chayanne with Carolina Ibarra, host of "La Casa Del Pop" (The House of Pop) to promote Chayanne's appearance on her show that was scheduled for tonight October 24, 2011 on channel 70 of Cablevision, frequency 501 digital, 269 DirectTv.

You can click the picture to take you to the original article. Usually we give you a translation of articles, but for this one there is no need! There is a gray bar at the top of the page that will allow you to translate the page in almost any language that you need. Major cool points for "El Bazar del Espectaculo"!

I have to admit, when Fantasia Chayan posted this article on Pandora's Caja Page on Facebook, the picture first brought a huge smile to my face....and then I thought of Anniee of Chayanne Rocks, and the phrase "Anniee Goo" came to mind.

Carolina is grinning from ear to ear and show a fun loving smile but on the inside I think there a voice going "Oh My God! Who wouldn't want "Sir Hottie McSexy" to get a little up close and personal?

All I can say it hats off to you sister! (How much you do you want to bet she NEVER washes that elbow!)



  1. That is *almost* exactly what I'm referring to when I say "Anniee-Goo".... If you want to remove the "almost' you would have to draw in some drool running down her chin ;)

  2. LOL!! There might just be a bit there if we look really closely! LOL! Love you Anniee!