Wednesday, August 10, 2011

♫ ♪ We Can't Get Enough of You Baby!

It is confirmed.  He simply cannot get enough of us!  Or is it that he knows WE cannot get enough of HIM?  Either way, brace yourselves because the man is back where he belongs.  On the grand stage that loves him so. 

In a surprise twist to what we all thought was the end of the No Hay Imposibles tour last June in Mexico, Chayanne gets ready to get back on stage with confirmed dates in Argentina and Mexico.  So… What do we call this one?  NHI 2011 Pt Deux?  I vote for THERE’S DEFINITELY NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE.  Or maybe I will keep that title for when, if my hopes and prayers and that of what I am sure is every fan in the United States come true, and he delights us with a 2nd USA tour.

I have a feeling that these will not be the only dates to be confirmed in the near future.  Chayanne is a hot pancake and everyone wants a piece!  As always we will do our best to keep you up to date with the latest news regarding new tour dates, concert reviews, article translations, our loving personal posts regarding Chayanne... alert you when Chayanne sneezes (Errr… maybe not that far! LOL! I’m feeling funny today).

Stay tune to Pandora’s Caja… Where Latin Lives… in your language! J

Below are the confirmed dates as posted on Chayanne’s official Site:

NHI 2011 – Pt. DEUX
Date                City                              Theater
Sept. 14           Cordoba                       Orfeo Superdomo
Sept. 20           Buenos Aires               Luna Park
Sept. 21           Buenos Aires               Luna Park

Date                City                            Theater
Oct. 12            Pachuca                     Explanada del Parque David Bengurion
Oct. 14            Queretaro                  Estadio Corregidora
Oct. 15            Aguascalientes          Plaza Monumental de Aguascalientes
Oct. 23            Hermosillo                 Centro de Usos Multiples (CUM)
Oct. 28            Villahermosa             Teatro al Aire Libre Villahermosa Tabasco
Oct. 29            Oaxaca                      Auditorio la Guelaguetza

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