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Chayanne and Yuri, an ever-lasting friendship!

This incredible interview by Francisca García Huidobro with Yuri and Chayanne showed the love, the chemistry, and the great friendship these two artists have even though they worked together 17 years ago in a soap opera named “Volver a Empezar” (To begin again). Yuri opened the interview by saying this about Chayanne “Chayanne is the most delicious Puertorrican from all Latin America! Besides the soap opera, Yuri and Chayanne have performed together many times and have also done telethons to raise money for many different causes. They both have a huge heart and they share a great sense of humor which keeps their friendship very much alive. Chayanne said that Yuri looked “Divine” and that he misses not having her in Puerto Rico. Chayanne continues the interview by expressing great gratitude to Puerto Rico for treating him a like a king while he was there. He always speaks very highly of his beloved country and this land that saw him grow up can’t be any more proud of him.

The first time that Chayanne participated in Viña Del Mar was in 1987, a year where Fiesta En America, was taking the world by storm! Chayanne expresses that Viña Del Mar is a very important venue for him, as it is seen worldwide, and it has launched so many talented new artists. “I always get nervous when I perform here, and I hope that I never get eaten by the Viña monster”. Yuri then replied “No, don’t worry, the ladies might want to eat you, but not the Viña monster!

Then Chayanne got a big surprise from one of his many fan clubs around the world. This fan club named “El Conquistador” made up of a group of die hard Chay fans, have been sleeping in a car just to get a glimpse of his during this interview, and told Fran, the hostess that all they wanted was to give Chayanne a small gift as a token of their love. El Conquistador is known as the biggest and strongest Chayanne fan club in Chile. This is what Chayanne had to say to his Chilean fans: “My relationship with my fans is beautiful, it’s like a family, we have complicity, I feel so much love, when they look at me, smile, tell me sweet words…and I live for this. I am where I am today because of them, and this fan club has existed for 22 years and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their support.”

He was then asked what the difference was between the fans from Chile and the fans from other countries. He said that Chile has beautiful people who have always given him so much love. He loves the country, their food, their heritage and he feels like he started his career here in Viña del Mar and he is very thankful for all the support. They then started talking about all the different food and dishes from Chile and one in particular stood out. There is a dish called “Herizos” that is supposed to have an aphrodisiac effect so they asked Chayanne what happens to him and what doe s he do after eating this dish, which he claims is his favorite. With a huge smile on his face and with that bitty look in his eyes he said : “I go to the gym and I burn the energy running, and this is how I cope with it “.

Chayanne also expressed how much he would love to do a soap opera in Chile one day. He says that he has seen segments of Chilean soap operas and they are very well done. I haven’t had the opportunity but when the chance comes up and the time is available he will do it.

Fran also asked Chayanne if he has a preference between singing ballads or the more upbeat, fast paced music. He of course said that he enjoys both, ballads because you sing about love, relationships, and emotions, and the rhythmic music because there is so much energy behind it and he gets to dance which is one of his passions.
The next question was “How many seagulls and torches have you received throughout the years at Viña del Mar? Chayanne didn’t know the exact number off the top of his head, but there have been many over the years and he keeps some at home and some in his office. He has a special place for each one of them and he holds them very close to his heart because they come from the people and he will never take this honor for granted.

Chayanne always says that life is all about balance and he applies this to his personal as well as his professional life. Fran also touched upon this subject during the interview and he said that there is not a pattern that you can follow, you have to live day by day and always take care of your loved ones, keep them happy, surprise them, love them. Yuri tells him how much she and the rest of us admire the way that he protects his family and keeps them out of the public eye. She can relate to him because it is very hard to be happily married and have a normal life when you are a star. Chayanne said: “At home I am married to my wife, but here I am married to my fans, I have a lot of love to go around.”
Fran then asked Marcela Vazarezza, who has been very upset at her husband Rafael Araneda, host of Viña del Mar for kissing co-hostess Eva Gomez on the lips. So it was decided that the only fair thing for Marcela to do was kiss Chayanne in order to get even. But we know how respectful our Chayanne is and he simple took her in his arms, twirled her around, and like the gentleman that he is, he softly kissed her hand. Then the segment ended with Yuri putting on a pair of heart shaped glasses because she says that we all look at Chayanne with loving eyes, and then they all sang “Completamente Enamorados”.

The following question was: “If Chayanne was single, which song yours or from another artist, would you use to win a woman’s heart, what would you sing in her ear?” Chayanne said he would sing “Si Nos Quedara Poco Tiempo” because it talks about nurturing and caring for a relationship or “Yo Te Amo” because it expresses the many ways of saying I love you to a person.

Then Fran asked Chayanne whether he and Yuri were ever in a romantic relationship because they had so much chemistry while doing the soap opera. They both said no and that they were just friends and Yuri said “No, I have never left my shoes under his bed, if you know what I mean.” They also spoke about kissing during the soap opera and how lucky Yuri was to kiss Chayanne. This became a big joke and they were trying to convince the audience how their lips never really touched because they would place a little piece of plastic on their lips before each kiss. Of course the audience didn’t buy it and they had to come clean and admit that indeed there were many, many passionate kisses during the soap opera. They said that it was very nice to act together and the fact that they were friends made it so much easier. Chayanne added that the reason why he doesn’t do many soap operas is because you really need to dedicate many months and be away from your family. He always makes sure that the role is one that he can truly fulfill, and that I can give his all.

Then Fran pointed to a very big torch, similar to the award that artists receive at Viña Del Mar, which was placed at the edge of the stage. They call it the “Calentometro” which simply means that it measures heat and measure the temperature of the people in the set. Then Yuri, Chayanne, and Fran proceed to the device and as they grabbed it the temperature went higher and higher and of course it reached the top. It was obvious ladies because if any us were next to Chayanne our temperature would go through the roof…am I right?
The interview ended and Fran thanked Chayanne for being there on that day and wishing him all the luck in the world. Chayanne then thanked Fran and Chile for their support, told Yuri that he loved her very much, and that he hoped to live up to everyone’s expectations in Viña Del Mar…and boy did he ever! Chayanne was the hit of the night and took home every possible award!
This was a very entertaining interview in which Chayanne once again shows us that flirty, loving, and human side of him. Yuri is also an amazing singer and actress and together they spark a very intense chemistry which is based on true friendship, one that has lasted so many years and I am sure will be one to last a lifetime.

Peace and Love ;_) Candela

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  1. Great job Candela. Thank you so much for the translation and explanations. Chay was really cute during that interview.

  2. AHHHHHHHHH Candela! I think this is my favorite translation of all *HUGS* Thank you for taking the time to help us learn more and more of Chayanne!

  3. Thank you so much ladies! This was a great interview and I too love learning more about our Chayanne! He sure is one of a kind! NO wonder we love him so much!!! ;-)