Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chayanne, King Of The Tease, The Video Tease That Is!

Over the last several days Chayanne has been posting pictures via Twitter and Instagram of a new video shoot that he's working on! So you know what that means right? A new video means new Single! That means that the release of his ENTIRE album can't be too far away!

From the pics that Chayanne sent from the video shoot, I would wager that this next song is going to be a seriously sexy ballad. "Atado A Tu Amor" anyone! You do the math Chayanne plus a seriously lovely beach with a sunset is an equations that is guaranteed to make your toes curl.

This one is a bit fuzzy but you get the drift!

He's also July's "Cover Hottie" on Pandora Magazine! (No relation), but the magazine MUST be off the chain because is has such an incredible moniker! *wink* Seriously, if ANYONE out there knows how I can get my hands on one the July Issue of "Pandora", please send me an email! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get one!

Can I just say for the official record that Chayanne is FUIIIIIIINE! That's Urban speak for Hubba Hubba!

Did I happen to mention that Chayanne is FINE!

So, stay tuned my beautiful people! What ever we can do to keep you in the Chayanne loop we will! You know it's all in the Box!

Much Love!


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