Tuesday, September 11, 2012

High Flying Adored, Chayanne Offered Ché in Evita, He Declines

Say it isn't so! Chayanne is offered the role of Ché in Broadway's Evita, and he turns it down. Yes, I'm heartbroken! Apparently Ricky Martin's contract is ending and they are extending the offer to Chayanne to replace him.

Couldn't you just see Chayanne being nominated for a Tony award for his portrayal of Ché? It would be a definitely possibility.

I first saw Evita on Broadway in 1982, on a High School Senior trip to New York. I was swept away by the music, the lights and costumes. My favorite character in the stage opera other than the title character, was the character of Ché. The character of Ché is a loosely based, romanticized characterization of the political figure Ché Guevara.

For those that are unfamiliar with the stage opera Evita, here is a brief synopsis

"Evita is based on the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Actually, the film is more of an opera, with only short moments devoted to dialogue. "Evita" is the friendly, family version of the proper name "Eva," and this film tells the story of Eva Peron (1921-52), a woman whose name evokes powerful feelings in her native Argentina. Throughout this film, as in the musical, the story is explained and commented on by a character known as "Che," played here by Antonio Banderas. The film begins with the news of Evita's death, and then turns to a much earlier scene at her father's funeral. Eva (Madonna) was an illegitimate child (one of many) of a rural landowner and her seamstress mother. Hers is not a wealthy childhood by any means, and she is constantly discriminated against because of her lowly birth. She is refused admission to her father's funeral for this reason. This scene is contrasted with her own funeral, a spectacular affair, not different from the funeral of a beloved head of state. Eva Peron leaves her village at age 15, in the arms her lover Agustin Magaldi (Jimmy Nail), a traveling singer. With his help, she goes to Buenos Aires and begins her campaign to become a performer, actress, and public figure. Many men help her during these years, and she is reported to have given her favors freely. That changes when she becomes involved with Juan Peron (Jonathan Pryce). In 1944, when they meet, Peron is an ambitious young army officer, serving in the right-wing government of the time. When he falls afoul of the government and is imprisoned, Eva uses her position as a celebrity and radio performer to get him released. Peron marries his feisty mistress when he is freed from prison. Eva is a formidable supporter, and her help is crucial to his later becoming head of state. Once Juan Peron becomes the President of Argentina, Eva expects better treatment from Argentina's high society, but they snub her brutally. She, in response, diverts government money from society-led charities, and starts the Eva Peron Foundation. As its president, she works tirelessly to directly better the lot of Argentina's poor. For this work, and for having risen from poor origins to glory, she is beloved by huge masses of her fellow citizens, if not by those in high society. She also arranges for the enfranchisement of women in Argentina. Thus, her death of uterine cancer at age 33, while she was at the height of her power and influence, strikes the whole world as tragic. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi"


The character of  Ché serves also as narrator of the story. He is in almost every scene, and sings approximately 14 songs. In my opinion the role of Ché to this point, has been portrayed best and flawlessly by Antonio Bandaras, in the 1996 film adaptation.

My favorite song of the musical of course is "High Flying, Adored"

Can I imagine Chayanne singing "High Flying, Adored"? Of course I can, who couldn't!

The character of Ché is in almost every scene that the title character Evita is in, but there is only one scene, that they actually interact in, the waltz.

It's being reported that Chayanne turned down the role of Ché due to his current obligations, and his schedule simply won't allow it......but I really wish he would reconsider. I know that's probably just me being selfish, but I have no doubt that Chayanne would take the role of Ché to a new level of perfection.

Oh well, there will be other opportunities I'm sure, until then, a girl can keep dreaming can't she?


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