Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños Chayanne.....Looking Beyond the Horizon, A Celebration of Life

Today is the day that fans around the world are celebrating Latin Mega Star Chayanne's 44th birthday. There are tweets, birthday banners, even parties! Yes parties! Clusters of Chayanne fans gather together and have a party hardy good time in celebration of today.

It's my personal belief that all of us are born into the world for a specific purpose, for Chayanne, I believe that his purpose is to inspire. He inspires us with music, generosity of spirit, pursuit of excellence, warmth and compassion, to live with passion, to love with grace, and to pursue our dreams.

I can speak for my self when I say that if I had not stumbled upon Chayanne, I probably would never had the thought to become a blogger. My love of blogging started with the desire to express my thoughts and views within the Chayanne fan community in a tasteful and creative way. That was a few years ago, now Pandora's Caja has grown exponentially. Just as Chayanne is as multifaceted as a perfectly cut diamond, I realized that we all have the potential to be the same.

Chayanne is like a pebble that's been thrown into a pond, the ripples growing, spreading, and touching people's lives.

I speak for myself as well as the other ladies of The Box, when I say thank you Chayanne. May you continue to be inspired and in return inspire others to look beyond our horizons and embrace the adventures of life that lay ahead. Happy Birthday, Feliz Cumpleaños.....



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  1. Thank you so much ladies of the Box! I love you all for sharing all that is Chayanne, the man, the living legion, the warmth that is my heart. He does seem to come into out lives just at the right time, as you once told me not too long ago LaTonya. I run to Chayanne, his music, videos, dvds, whatever I can grab first when I need that invisible hug or just because i'm feeling good, but want to feel great! This is a Beautiful testament to the love we all feel for Chayanne.

  2. Thank you for your comment *HUGS*....I was just looking at your blog, and I'm not sure when Chayanne will play a dragon, but one of his long time fans and a very dear friend of mine did put up a great image today (a tiger) in honor of his birthday. I'm going to leave the link, I hope you can see it!

    1. Yes, I love that picture of the Tiger with a ribbon, beautiful! Blog was mostly for an outlet, never kept up with it. Might revive it soon. After the movie Avatar (with the flying Igrans) came out I can just image Chayanne shape-shifting into his ultra magnificent Dragon self!!! The technology is there now in the movies with CGI. Also, would love to hear him roar! Okay, enough of my fantasy, LOL!