Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chayanne to Perform in Puebla for 5 de Mayo Celebration.. And it will be Televised!

With the excitement that has been surrounding the GIGANT3S Tour, we have all forgotten one little detail...  Chayanne will be performing in Puebla for 5 de Mayo!

The City is getting ready to a magnificient show for the 150th anniversary of the battle of 5 de Mayo in Puebla, Mexico.  The Governor of the city of Puebla explained that on this day, they will start the celebration as they always do... with a military march and aerial show.  They will then re-enact the battle of 5 de Mayo with the participation of 8,000 soldiers.

At night, the celebration will continue at approximately 8 pm with a show that will be televised internationally.  Those who will perform include our beloved Chayanne, Espinoza Paz and Marc Anthony as the closing encore from the Cuauhtemoc Stadium.  The FREE show will go on for about 2 hours.

If my ears did not deceived me earlier, Univision has started announcing the show and they will televise the celebration for our delight.  So put it on your calendars!  You have a date with Chayanne and Marc Anthony this upcoming Saturday night.  Get the Guacamole, Salsa, Chips and Tequila ready!

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