Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vanessa Williams Talks Sexy Chayanne and Salsa on Lopez Tonight

This was one of those moments where everything just stopped and I felt like shouting Eureka! There I am doing my daily Chayanne information hunt on the internet, (You know how we like to do it on "The Box". Binging you all the must current up to date Chayanne Goodies) and what do I find? A clip of my girl Vanessa Williams on "Lopez Tonight" in and interview with George Lopez.

At about 7 minutes 59 seconds on the film marker

George Lopez: Tell me about your love of Salsa Dancing.

Vanessa Williams: Oh man! I first Started (Hears the audience) Oye! Oye! (Hey! Hey!) (Audience says Oye!) I did a movie called "Dance With Me" with Chayanne. Who is the hottest thing on....he's hot, God, he's Hot! Next to you darling. (Being playful with George)

I'll have to tell you, I'm convinced my girl Vanessa has some mad love in her heart for Chayanne because ANY time she's been in and interview and she's asked about dancing and her love of salsa, she mentions super hot Chayanne.

If you add that together with her tweet to Chayanne about the possibility of getting together for a sequel to Dance With Me

I'm beginning to wonder if there just may be a possibility of..... Let's keep hoping after all "No Hay Imposibles" Esssssssso!

Vanessa ~ We love you Sister Girl! We would love to see a "Baila Conmigo 2" Much Love! 


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  1. wow!!! let me be the first to vote for a sequel to dance with me. they have both grown into such fine, sexy, performers it would be great. just watching them dance together again would be such a treat. thans for the little blip. every blip makes my heart go bleep.(WINK).