Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Solas Con Chayanne, Just In Time For Valentine's Day!

I always knew that Chayanne was a romantic, that could never be denied, but for him to think of me, I mean us *wink*, every Valentine's Day never ceases to amaze me.

Valentine's Day 2012 will be no exception, why? Because apparently Chayanne will be releasing a CD AND DVD titled "A Solas con Chayanne" (Alone With Chayanne)....doesn't the title alone make you want to melt? The listed release date on Amazon will be February 7, 2012.

I have to give all  credit to Fantasia Chayan for her never ending "Super Sleuthing" skills! (That's the way Guajira's do it!)

So to the pertinent information on hand, where can you get it? so far the DVD and the CD are listed on

You can also go to Billboard and listen to the tracks that will be featured on the album and most likely the DVD.

The track listing is as follows:

"A Solas con Chayanne"

1. Provocame
2. Lola
3. Un siglo sin ti
4. Si no estas
5. Caprichosa
6. Tu boca
7. Baila Baila
8. Dejaria Todo
9. Salome
10. Besos en la boca
11. Tiempo de vals
12. Me enamore de ti
13. Torero
14. Amorcito Corazon

1. Provocame
2. Lola
3. Un siglo sin ti
4. Si no estas
5. Caprichosa
6. Y tu te vas
7. Tu boca
8. Atado a tu amor
9. Tu pirata soy yo / Completamente Enamorado
10. Baila Baila
11. Si nos quedara poco tiempo
12. Dejaria todo
13. Salome
14. Besos en la boca
15. Tiempo de vals
16. Me enamore de ti
17. Torero

Special DVD features:
Interview with Chayanne
Photo gallery (live / studio)

 If any of this information should change....when we know, you'll know!



  1. Two days before my birthday? You mean that on my birthday I could be "Alone With Chayanne"??!!! God help me! lol :)

  2. I am looking forward to buying both CD and DVD..Now I have something to look forward to :)