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Every Fan's Dream... Chayanne's Cameo on Los Únicos

El Sueño de Toda Fanática... La Actuación Especial de Chayanne en Los Únicos

 Many fans dream of what it would be like to meet one of their idols. That is, I think, what makes cameos like this one that Chayanne did on the Argentine show Los Únicos so much fun... we can each imagine what our reaction might be if we were put into that spot. Would we be able to remain so articulate? Or would we turn into what one friend refers to as “a puddle of goo”... What do you think? Watch and read along to the cameo, and then check out the behind-the-scenes interview with actress Griselda Siciliani, who plays Maria in the show, and her take on Chayanne and the source of his success. ;)

Muchas fanáticas sueñan de cómo estaría el conocer a uno de sus ídolos. Eso, creo yo, es lo que hace que una actuación especial como ésta que hizo Chayanne en el programa argentina Los Únicos sea tan divertida... Cada una podemos imaginar como estaría nuestra reacción si estuviereamos presentadas con esa situación. Podríamos mantenernos tan eloquentes? Or nos converteríamos en lo que una amiga llama “un charco de baba”... Qué opinan? Disfruten de la escena de actuación especial, y luego miren la entrevista detrás-del-escenario con Griselda Siciliani, la actriz que interpreta el personaje de María en el programa, y su opinion sobre Chayanne y la fuente de su éxito. ;)

Maria: (On the phone) Tell me the name of ONE person I can trust! (Hangs up angrily)

(Doorbell rings)

Maria: (Muttering) Just what I needed! (Stalks across the room, swings the door open and walks away without looking to see who it is.) Come in, come in! What do you want now?

Chayanne: Excuse me... Yes, good evening... don't be scared... I have a little problem and I don't know if you could help me?

Maria: No, YES, please, come in.

Chayanne: Thank you. I had a little problem with my car... I'm not from here, maybe you can tell by my accent... I'm just here visiting, I'm sorry I wanted to see if you have a phone or something...

Maria: Yes, yes... hold on... (Punches him in the shoulder)

Chayanne: (Holds shoulder) You're strong, you know?

Maria: No... I know you are strong, too... I didn't mean to hit you, I wanted to see if you are really YOU... (Pokes him) I mean, I was verifying that you're Chayanne, right?

Chayanne: Yes, yes. I'm Chayanne... I come here to put on shows, in Argentina, because I love your country, but then I had the problem with the car...

Maria: Of course.

Chayanne: I was coming down Libertador, and I came across there, and I have people waiting for me outside... if you have a phone that I could borrow to call my manager, I would appreciate it.

Maria: Oh PLEASE... I'll lend you the phone.... I'll lend you the house, the bathroom, whatever you want to use! Is it long distance that you need to call?

Chayanne: No, no... it's here, it's here... it's to my manager.

Maria: Ok, yes.

Chayanne: Thank you.

Maria: Take your time.

(Chayanne turns away into the kitchen to call. Maria quietly freaks out behind his back, and then arranges her hair and clothing, and assumes various poses.)

Chayanne: (On phone) Patty? Yes, look. Something happened. I'm here at a young lady's house, who by the way is very strong! We had a problem with the car, and all of the guys are outside, I came in to ask to use the phone. Now, I'm not sure exactly where we are, and... and that's it... can you come and get me, or send me another car?

(Maria practices dance moves)

Chayanne: (Finishing phone call) That's fine. Say hello to Monica. Bye, bye.

Maria: Did you call? Everything alright?

Chayanne: Yes.

Maria: I was practicing a little bit, like your moves...

Chayanne: Yes, yes. Do you want to come to the show? I'll invite you to the show... we are performing the 20th, 21st, 23rd, and 24th...

Maria: and the 24th, yes, I know, I read it in the newspaper, you'll be at Luna Park.

Chayanne: Yes, at Luna Park. We'll be there. If you like dancing, my show is like that, a little... like that style.

Maria: Yes... because I put the videos on, and I get in front of the TV.. I get like this in front to be able to learn the staging... but they way that I do the steps is like this, you see? (dances)

Chayanne: Oh, perfect!

Maria: and they come out like this... (still dancing)

Chayanne: (laughs) Very good, yes, great!

Maria: Can you give me some tickets to the show, because I was going to buy some...

Chayanne: Yes! No, no, no... I'll invite you to the show. Now your phone number is registered... I'll have them call you and I'll invite you.

Maria: About 10 tickets, more or less... for the girls... my friends?

Chayanne: ...Okay... Okay... I'll see how to coordinate that... we might have to divide it up between different days, but with pleasure. Thank you very much.

Maria: 20th, 21st, 23rd, and 24th... Can I go each night? It's just right here...

Chayanne: In your case you can go backstage. You go around behind there and then...

Maria: Up on the stage?

Chayanne: Yes, it's up on the stage... over on the side with the technicians.

Maria: (Gives him a big hug) I love you a lot!

Chayanne: (Returns the hug) Me too, thank you.

Maria: It's just that we have a connection, right?

Chayanne: Yes, Thank you very much, I'm grateful.

Maria: Do you want to take the phone, as a souvenir?

Chayanne: Yes, I'll take it... but don't you need it?

Maria: Yes, I'll keep it! (Kisses the phone) It is my life. (Opens door)

Chayanne: Thank you.

Maria: You're welcome. Good luck with the car.)

Chayanne: I'll expect you [at the show].

Maria: Yes.

Chaynne: Thanks.

Maria: (Closes the door and leans against it.) I can't believe it... the strange things that happen!


Click on the following link to go behind the scenes with Chayanne and Los Únicos, and then follow along below:

[Translator's note: Okay this is a behind-the-scenes clip... there are a lot of people talking over each other, and the sound is not great, and they run through different parts of the scene several times in several different settings... some standing, some sitting on the couch, etc... For the sake of time and my sanity ;) I'm only translating the parts that is the interview with Griselda in which she is speaking directly to the camera. I will include some notes to signal what else is going on, but it won't be a direct translation of everything they are saying.]

Chayanne and Griselda are standing, joking around... Chayanne is saying that she is the one that is very calm... They rehearse the part where she punches him in the chest/shoulder several times, and his reaction to that.

Griselda: What you see, that is Chayanne.

Chayanne rehearsing talking on the phone with Patty... “I'm here with a young lady who is so strong, she just punched me and almost broke my arm!”

What expectations do you have?

Griselda: Well, I collaborated with him a lot...
Cuts to scene of his reaction to her punch.

Griselda: … on tour together. Record an album that we put out the two of us that was called “Chay y Gris” [Chay and Gris] But I wanted to call it Gris-Chay, because “Chay y” the two y's are too close together.

Cuts to her saying “You're Chayanne, right?” and him responding yes, that he comes to Argentina to do shows because he loves Argentina.

Griselda: My choreography and everything... in other words, everything that he dances is laid out by me, everything that sounds like it is from the south [referring to the Argentine accent], everything you see up there... all of that we did together.

Cuts to scene of her showing him some dance moves.

Griselda: ...And he learned a lot there... and afterward I told him, let go. Let go of my hand, Chay, and go out on your own as a solo artist, I think... and he, nothing, and well... he's done pretty well.

Cuts to more parts of both the rehearsal and the finished scene from the show, with Chayanne's song “Esa Boca” providing the soundtrack.

Griselda: I'm glad for him, that he has come back here now.

Chayanne: To all my lovely people, I send you a hug. I know that together we wish for all of Argentina... beautiful things, and that your dreams may come true! **blows a kiss** I love you all!



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