Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chayanne Doing Two Radio Interviews Don't Miss Out!

Chayanne is getting ready to take the "No Hay Impossibles" tour back out on the road, so Chayanne is getting ready to do pr for the tour.....and for us fans, that means interviews! I have to tell you, listening to Chayanne give interviews is one of my favorite things. I know.....as language challenged as I am, I have no clue what he's saying! He could be saying, "Blah, blah, blah" and in Spanish it sounds sexy!

August 23, 2011, Chayanne is going to be giving two radio interviews

9:45 a.m. Argentina time (8:45 am New York time) Vale FM Viviana Canosa

11:00 AM Argentina time (10:00 am New York time) Radio 10 with Oscar Gonzalez El Negro de Oro

So in anticipation of these two morning interviews.....let's take a look at a really lovely throw-back interview that has been so lovingly translated by my "Baby Sister".....you know who you are *HUGS*

Much Love to Fantasia Chayanne for your incredible media research....keeping the box up to date! That's what I'm talking about! *HUGS*


Collage of vides

Veronica:   This is a special video collage with some of your videos. Honestly, there has been a notable change in your image and now with this , your development as an artist is incredible fascinating, your sixth material right?

Chayanne answers, “Yes this is the sixth record, I have done” (Provocame)

Veronica: “Provocame   you really unite…… (crowd goes ooohhhh) Even the title is strong right girls? She asks as she looks towards the audience.  Chayanne blushes!!

Veronica: He’s hot right girls? The girls are hot too. You really united important and very well known song writers such as lan Chester, Honorio Herrera, Diane Warren are amazing.”

Chayanne:  Yes there is a lot, a lot

Veronica: what does this project mean to you?

Chayanne: This has been a project that was reviewed by all of those song writers you have mentioned, Honorio Herrera who is a dear friend and Manchester who has worked with me , I am very thankful to him . I thank him, for the song, we were where recently together in Miami; at the release party of my CD we had on July 23rd in Miami. There were many people present.

Veronica: Yes, for the love of God you have to tell us about that, the word around was that it was one of the biggest and best CDS release party that has ever been put together in the music history.

Chayanne: Yes we were and there we were a lot of people from Mexico, from all over the world, Spain, united states, Diane warren  who wrote the song for me “Fuistes Mi Primer Amor” she wrote songs for Michael Bolton, sting, there’s a probability we will be working with her to do the cross over into the English market.

Veronica: New English CD

Chayanne: Yes it would be the first CD in English

Veronica: But tell us the juice, they said, you had a room to present one thing, another for don’t know what else and another room for something else, everything was extremely elegant.

Chayanne:  Yes, Well I had been out of the spotlight for the past two years as you mentioned it at the beginning of your show, I wanted to presented it to the media and wanted it to be something different and nice.  A video collage was put together just like the one we just saw, videos from the beginning of my career to what I am doing now, Once that was done people thought it was over, but It wasn’t I had them go into the next room, it took place in Miami beach “Chayannes face expression says it all” Veronica: yes we heard everything then came the show right?

Chayanne: Then came the show, the show that we will be presenting in different cities you mentioned earlier, and right after that, there was a dinner. Veronica: what about the party? Party with violins, people were extremely elegant. Chayanne: yes it was a nice presentation Veronica interrupts, Thank you for the invite!

Chayanne: yes we invited you and I waited for you personally, but she called and told us that she was extremely mad at me (he laughs) Veronica: Is not true I was working here (he laughs)
Veronica: I truly want to congratulate for your great valuable commitment to your career. A come back after a well deserve break, you have surrounded yourself with the correct people, I bet your company is extremely happy right now, and it has been an important project that has been worth it!!

Chayanne: We have a great company, and right now our Kodak who is sponsoring our tour (crowd yells out as Chayanne says Kodak.) 

Veronica: girls girls and tell me what are you doing there?

Chayanne: In “ silent “ laughs they are my sponsors for half of the tour around Latin America and here in Mexico they are the #1 sponsor of the tour. There are sponsoring me throughout Mexico and Latin American tour and United States also. The reaction of the public has been incredible as I mention before, because when you take a break from your career and you comeback, it is extremely hard to start again, because you never know how the public is going to react, with the new image, new CD, long hair, short hair, beard or no beard. Veronica: Do you like how he is now more than before? Crowd yells out YESSSSSSSSSSS  Chayanne: they have seen how much we have spent (laughs)

Veronica: Tell me about the new video clip “En El Centro de Mi Corazon” 

Chayanne: Centro de mi Corazon was the release song of the new CD and has been on the #1 spot, billboard, and other magazines in various countries. (Veronica) whose idea was it, because honestly all of your videos have always been really great.

Chayanne: Gustavo Sanchez played a big role; you do know my manager right? He plays a big role when it involves me, we get together we talk about the video we gather information is usually eight of us who usually decide. Whether it is when the CD is released, should we do it here there, New York, Mexico Puerto Rico, basically it was a taken out of the show that we are currently on tour with.

Veronica: Well Done, 

Chayanne: There they look at the structure the choreography of the dancers etc. 

Veronica: and when will you present it to us? 

Chayanne: now, with the new tour we will be presenting her in Mexico. 

Veronica: So you showing it to us right now as a exclusive World premiere here in my show? 

Chayanne: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh sure for sure. 

Veronica:  Video premiere let’s go we haven’t seen the video are you going to let us borrow it?

Chayanne: yes yes, 

Veronica: I recommended it guys.

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