Friday, August 12, 2011

And Then There Were Two.....New Dancers to Chayanne's Dance Crew That Is! Welcome Latrina Bolger

What can I tell you? Chayanne and Nancy O'Meara have been busy! Busy getting ready to set it off! We know there are going to be new dancers, but the questions many?

Today Nancy O'Meara sent out another warm welcome to dancer Latrina Bolger.

Grew up in Dallas Texas.
Use to dance everywhere I went as a kid so my mom enrolled me in dance.
Received scholarships to multiple universities for academics, but knew I'd rather be dancing. So I moved to LA straight out of high school.
When I'm not dancing I'm baking cookies.
Lucile Ball is my inspiration because she changed the face of television.
I can't live without my chapstick.
"Live in the moment."
I have no doubt that Chayanne and Nancy have some amazing things in store for all of the fans of Argentina and Mexico....and Latrina's going to be there bringing it on! 

As far as I know Latrina Bolger will be joined by Tyrell "Trellz" Washington, Brandon "B-Love" Barton......and......the rest we're still trying to find out. But we're keeping our eyes open.

In the mean time, please enjoy this incredible video clip of Latrina. I wonder if Nancy's going to have her do aerial work on NHI!

Tyrell "Trellz" Washington, Latrina Bolger

Mas fotos de Latrina Bolger

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