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For Chayanne Nothing Is Impossible

As I listened to this interview, I couldn't help thinking to myself, how very special a person has to be for them to have achieved more success during their career, that shows no signs of slowing down mind you, than so many other artists will experience in their lifetimes and still remain so humble. I think that's one of the many qualities that Chayanne posesses that draw people to him like a magnet.

As Chayanne continues on with his killer "No Hay Imposibles" tour, which is fast approaching it's one year mark, Chayanne give an telephone interview promoting his tour that is making it's way to Ecuador.

As for Chayanne giving voice to the Disney character "Flynn Rider", in Tangled.....nothing short of magic, pure magic, something that I'm sure Mr. Disney would be proud of.

If your thinking about going to see Chayanne again, don't think about it too long. Buy your tickets, pack your bags and make your way......or you just might miss your chance....that is.......until the next tour!

But until then, enjoy the translation of the interview between Chayanne and El Universo.


Nothing is Impossible for Chayanne

For his singing strength, his deployment and energy on stage and his choreographed dances, the Puerto Rican singer Chayanne has been given the nicknames of Cyclone, Man Show and The Amazing One.  He is aware of these nicknames and laughs with a bit of shyness as he remembers the words of affection that fans yell at his shows.

"Amazing? Nooooo," he says in a phone interview with a Miami newspaper (USA), town where he has been established since 1986. "I think I'm simple and it's normal for me to enjoy being on stage.  They tell me that I am a different person when I’m on stage because normally I am very calm and relaxed.  If I go to a party you'll see me sitting and watching, because I have big eyes to see, "he says and laughs again.

Chayanne was very chatty, and ready to openly talk about his role of being a father and husband. He says that he is very happy with the idea of going to Ecuador with new presentations. These are part of a tour that began in Los Angeles in March 2010 and aims to conclude in June this year in Mexico.

On his journey he claims that that nothing is impossible, referring to the record production that was released in 2010 and promoted. "There are no impossibles. One fights for the things he/she wants. It’s a positive expression because we have to keep fighting. I do not think that life is rosy, but everyone seeks happiness. These are the many moments of joy that make your life positive. "

The Puerto Rican who notes that nothing is impossible sings about love, couples, and parties.  He confesses of being in a constant search for joy and traditions and to live fully.  He gives himself fully in his shows and is very grateful for the affection he receives from the people.

"I'm grateful for what life has given me. Not that I'm laughing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but I try to find those moments which I hold on to in order to stay positive and when something unexpected comes up I learn from it and continue on my way.”  For the No Hay Imposibles tour Chayanne began preparing since November 2009.  He first called the musicians and dancers who would accompany him on the tour, which happen to come from different countries, and then picked dates for the rehearsals and started to structure the show.  

"The show changes from one tour to the next. His staging, choreography, costumes, lighting, technology, sound (which depending on where he goes can be more rock, pop or island, in Ecuador it will be romantic pop).  When 2, 3, 4 and 5 years pass you can implement what you’ve learned along the way. It's complex, beautiful and fun, but also has its stress. "Despite everything that is involved with the production, Chayanne expresses to enjoy the presentations and at the end of the cycle will resume the work that has been unseen. The work that takes place behind the scenes which starts by contacting the producers to record a new album.

And he also has, and thanks God, invitations to participate in upcoming new film productions. The most recent plot in which he gave his voice (dubbing into Spanish) to Rider Flynn, co-star of the Disney animated movie. "I did it during the tour," says Chayanne without hiding his excitement. "I was very illusioned with the project.  When you go to Disney or a kid sees his film it creates a fantasy and then to be the voice of one of its cartoon characters is amazing. These are surprises that life gives you. “   

Translation by Candela 

7 April                Quito, Ecuador                  Estadio Alberto Spencer
9 April                Guayaquil, Ecuador           Estadio Alberto Spencer

14 April              Lima, Peru                          Estadio Monumental
16 April              Arequipa, Peru                    Jardin de la Cerveza

5 Mayo               Panama                             Figali Convention Center
Cost Rica
7 Mayo               Tibás, San José                  Estadio Ricardo Saprissa

12 May              Tegucigalpa, Honduras       Estadio Chochi Sosa

14 May              Guatemala                           Estadio del Ejercito
26 May               Mexico DF, Mexico            Auditorio Nacional
29 May               Mexico DF, Mexico            Auditorio Nacional
01 June               Merida, Mexico                 Estadio Carlos Iturralde
02 June               Cancun, Mexico                 Estadio Andres Quintana Roo
14 June               Monterrey, Mexico            Auditorio Banamex
16 June               Leon, Mexico                     Polyforum
17 June               San Luis Potosi                  El Domo

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