Sunday, June 6, 2010

Miami Heat! (I'm not talking basketball!) Chayanne Rocks Miami

I heard that it rained the other night when Chayanne was performing in Miami at the American Airlines Arena, but Chayanne took that rain and turned it into steam! That's right, from all accounts "Amorcito" turned up the heat in ways that left even the oldest of Chayanne fans stunned!

That's right I've talked to people who have been fans for over 10 years, and have attended concerts on every Chayanne tour since they became fans, sometimes several concerts per tour. All of the accounts for Chayanne's "No Hay Imposible Tour" have one thing in's the best that they have ever seen!

Chayanne's birthday is coming up and he will soon be 41....and he's showing no signs of slowing down, in fact...he's better than ever. He's still rockin' killer pipes (that means he can sing), knocking out Nancy's incredible choreography, and of course he's getting even sexier with every passing year.

Do your thing Chayanne, Much Love!

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